Photographer–Manuel Librodo

In his own words:

Four years of my ride into the world of photography and I am still enjoying the exciting loops and turns this journey has offered me.

Pbase has opened a lot of new exciting opportunities for me. I have been published in various international magazines (Digital Photo UK, Digital Camera UK, Mabuhay, Philippines, Digital Photography UK , among others) and I have appeared in other international publications in Poland, India, the US, etc. I am one of the featured photographers in UNICEF 2008 calendar/planner and will be appearing in their 2009 Wall Calendar). I also had conducted portraiture workshops in some of Asia’s main cities and in Canada.

My ultimate goal is to have my own coffee table book. Anybody who can help me achieve this, please contact me! I am originally from the town of Lambunao, Iloilo Province, located in the central part of the Philippines. Currently, I teach in an international school here in Bangkok, Thailand.

Manuel says on his website, “In my journey in this world of photography, I have encountered unforgettable places and faces. With my camera on hand, I am able to capture a moment worth sharing.”

“Now, I am ready to share not only what I’ve seen but also what I’ve learned in whatever possible way there is. I started it off with a series of workshops in the Philippines and in other cities in Asia. Let’s see what’s next…Thanks for viewing the world through my eyes.”