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For 21 year-old Pieter Hoets, his journey through the world of modeling is just beginning. Signed with BMG Models in New York, 21 year old Hoets has been doing test shoots and editorials, and we had a chance to chat with him about entering the industry and what he’s up to……

Suit: Brioni(Gaetano)
Shirt: Emporio Amani

ASIAN FUSION: How did you get started in modeling?

Pieter Hoets: I began “modeling” when I helped some of my school friends with their photography projects in the past.

AF: You’ve shot both high-end suits and body photos….do you have a favorite type of shoot?

Hoets: They are both fun and very different types of shoots. Shooting with clothing can bring out some very cool looks but can also be very tedious in terms of correcting small details. On the other hand, shooting body photos is much more manageable in terms of peculiarities.

Suit: Brioni(Senato)
Shirt: Cerruti 1881
Tie: E.marinella

AF:  You’re half Thai;  have you ever been to Thailand?

Hoets: I was actually born in Bankok, Thailand, although my family moved to United States when I was very young. Therefore, I unfortunately have very few memories of my time in the country.

AF: What are you studying in college? We hear that acting is another interest of yours…..

Hoets: I am currently a dual major in Psychology and Language Studies, German in particular. Despite the heavy academic load, I’ve been able to indulge in extracurricular activities on campus, including the theater department. In fact, I’ve been cast in our college’s fall performance this semester, “The Laramie Project.” It undoubtedly confronts some heavy thematic issues, but I believe the message is very much relevant to recent current events in our society. I also believe the rest of the cast holds the same perspective as myself. In fact, the director of the piece, Barbara Karger derived her inspiration for the performance after the tragic Orlando nightclub shooting occurred this past summer.

Suit: Vito De Pinto
Shirt: Emporio Amani
Umbrella: Alexander McQueen

AF:  What’s next for you with modeling? What is your ultimate goal or dream shoot?

Hoets: As soon as I graduate in the spring, I hope to be able to devote more time to modeling.  I’d really like to do one of those very artistic editorial shoots. For example, one of those editorials with crazy looking makeup and styles would be really interesting to be a part of.

Suit: Cerruti 1881
Shirt: Versace Collection


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