Princess Bride

By Alva Lin

When I was a little girl, my mom used to tell me that I would collect flowers in the garden and try to make a wreath on my head. I would play with the birds singing in the air all day, and imagine that they were the orchestra ahead of my prince on the white horse. As I grew older, I would make tiny beautiful clothes for my dolls and draw pictures of dresses I would wear for my wedding. Having the perfect wedding is probably every girl’s dream. When little girls dream of their wedding day, there are always white poofy gowns, bouquets of red roses, bunches of sky-flying balloons, and the glittery jeweled crown atop the bridal veil. When big girls dream of their wedding day, it is actually the next wedding you might find at Princess Wedding.

Princess Wedding always knows what a bride needs, and then thinks beyond it. The owners of Princess Wedding, Edison and Louise, lead a team of expert consultants, the most experienced photographers, and professional stylists to customize your very own exquisite wedding. According to Louise, “None of any wedding will be identical; every wedding is as unique as every couple”. Her mission is to make your big day truly your own. She listens to every bride’s wish and simply makes it come true!

With an extensive assortment of wedding dresses and accessories from the industry’s leading bridal gown designers, Princess Wedding offers a completely comfortable, inviting atmosphere for you to find the wedding gown of your dreams. You will definitely enjoy the whole process as it happens in their indulgent ambiance.

As a full-service wedding company, Princess Wedding offers you a variety of service packages, including the complete package of wedding planning for the couples who want help with everything from visual conceptualization to finalizing those little details before their big day; or partial wedding planning for the couple who wants some help but do most of the planning on their own; or wedding day coordination for the couple who did all the planning but wants to relax and enjoy their big day. The Princess Wedding team handles all the final details for the big day. The only thing that Princess Wedding team wants to do is to make sure your wedding is chic, breathtaking, and stunning. They will surely create a marvelous reflection of the two of you and pull it off seamlessly.

When I asked Louise about her most unforgettable wedding she has ever seen, she pondered for a while and said, “Almost every wedding is unforgettable and deeply touching. Almost every couple has disagreements, even fights, during the months of wedding planning. However, when you see the moment the couples are united to each other and become husbands and wives. You simply witness the power of love between them and the precious commitment that will lead them to walk through everything in their lives.”

Princess Wedding is definitely a magical place for you to experience. With their enthusiasm and devotion to your wedding or personal events, they pamper every bride and customer with the same simple philosophy of courteous, knowledgeable, innovative, and customized service. You can also find portrait photography, family and baby photography, commercial photography, event photography and videography and more… just about everything that is creative in image and design can be found at Princess Wedding Inc.