Q2 Thai

By Joe Meny

When you’re choosing a place to go out to eat, do you choose quality? Or quantity? What if we at Asian Fusion were able to tell you that there’s a Thai Restaurant on Ninth Ave. between 52nd and 53rd Street that not only delivers both, but it’s name says it as well. We’re talking Q2, a 40+ seat restaurant that offers authentic Thai cuisine, in a warm and friendly space in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. Q2 is a part of the family of Thai restaurants that includes the very successful Thai Select and Reserve Wine bar, and will soon be joined in 2012 by “Zoob Zib”, a Thai Noodle bar that will pair Sour and Spicy Thai noodles with different types of beer: 12 on tap, plus at least 25 bottles. Be sure to pick up your next issue of Asian Fusion for the most-up-to-date news on Zoob-Zib’s exciting opening in Manhattan!
Q2 has a restaurant philosophy to always be honest to its customers, along with a strong belief that good business is serious business. Demonstrate honesty in everything you do; have an open mind, and be open to change. This philosophy has resulted in Q2 creating a very loyal following. What’s the secret to their success? One word: Service…where the customer is always king (or Queen!)

At Q2, chefs Somnuk Sudchit and Monchai Boonchim combine their talents and together create very traditional Thai dishes that don’t allow for any Chinese influences. Q2 gets their food inspiration from Bangkok and areas south of Thailand. Spicyness in a meal counts, but at Q2 they make sure that it’s balanced with all the flavors of the food they prepare. It’s interesting to note that Q2 was the first to provide their diners with a spicyness rating on their menu. And it’s a menu that offers specials that change with the seasons.

So, when you first sit down for your meal at Q2, you’ll want to be sure to enjoy a sampling from their menu of appetizers: Order any 3 of the first 12 items listed, and receive a complimentary glass of red or white wine, all for just $13.95. Choices include Chive Pancake, Chicken or Beef Satay, and the Golden Mermaid – crispy seasoned shrimp wrapped in wonton skin and served with sweet chili sauce. If you’re coming in to get rid of the chill of the season, be sure to order soup for your starter, it’s delicious and homemade everyday.

Main course highlights include the Green Curry with Jumbo Shrimp served with bamboo shoots, string beans, chili, basil and kaffir lime leaves. We recommend the Seafood Lover (Extra spicy? No problem!), an amazing dish with jumbo shrimp, scallops, squid and mussels with wok-flashed fresh basil, red and green peppers, mushrooms and a touch of white wine. If you love seafood, you have to try this dish!

Another must-have dish is the chef’s favorite: Striped Tamarind Bass – a whole striped bass served with ginger and smoked tamarind soy sauce and topped with fresh shallots. Your tastebuds will jump with excitement at the combination of flavors! If it’s not fish for you, then we suggest the Steak with Lemongrass and Papaya Salad. The steak is prepared to your specifications and the papaya salad is the perfect compliment to the steak. If you’re looking to try Q2’s signature dish, then order their Pad Kee Mao (Spicy Drunken Noodle). If you find you’re in the neighborhood at lunchtime, Q2’s lunch menu has 16 offerings from $7.95 – $9.95, that comes with a complimentary soda when you eat in.

Q2 extends an open invitation to President Obama to stop by and try some authentic Thai food. At Q2, they would happily serve the president a traditional spicy Thai dish of his choice! Q2 was one of the first Thai restaurants on Ninth Ave. and call themselves the “King of Ninth Ave.” So stop by Q2 soon, and let them treat you like royalty!