Quality that catches your eye—Eye Solutions

People often point out that poor vision runs in the family, but for Calvin, it’s the desire to treat other people’s poor vision that seems to run in his. Calvin’s brother is an optician, his wife is an optician, and he himself runs three optical stores, two in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan, each called Eye Solutions. But anyone who has taken a walk through Chinatown knows there seems to be an eyeglass store (or two) on nearly every corner. So why is Optical Solutions such a big deal?

“Eye wear is not something you shop for everyday,” advises Calvin. “You need somebody to advise you through the process,” Custom fitting, perhaps the most underrated aspect of buying new glasses, is something the employees at Eye Solutions are specially trained to do. After all, nobody wants uncomfortable glasses that sit crooked.

Eye Solutions also has something else most eyeglass stores won’t have: an in-house optometrist available seven days a week. They can perform eye exams for patients, and also accept most insurance plans. Tourists are a frequent customer of Eye Solutions because of this convenience. They can bring their prescription or get their eyes checked. Eye Solutions also makes deliveries all over New York, although they prefer to make their sales in the store so they can fit the glasses to the person.

It’s recommended that young adults get their eyes checked every 2 years, but kids should get their eyes checked every year. “Kids don’t know what ‘good’ vision is. It’s very important for children to have good eyesight, because otherwise it can put them at a disadvantage at school,” says Calvin.

Glasses, however, are no longer just for those with substandard eyesight. They’re a fashion statement. Contacts remain popular, but “The trend is going back to eyeglasses,” Calvin points out. “The nerdy look is in. Some people get laser surgery and still wear glasses,” High profile brands like Ray-ban and Prada are the best sellers, but Eye Solutions also offers glasses from true boutique eye wear makers, like Allen Mickley.

And no one needs to wait until the summer to buy that trendy pair of sunglasses you’ve had your eye on. “UV radiation is actually higher in the winter, so people shouldn’t just wear sunglasses in the summer,” says Calvin. No need to check the tag at Eye Solutions, because all of their sunglasses have 100% UVA/ UVB protection and are professional grade.

So give your eyes the pampering they deserve, and come see for yourself the service, selection, and convenience of Chinatown’s do-it-all eyeglasses store, Eye Solutions!