Rainie Yang Triumphantly ends her “Love Voyage” World Tour at Caesars Casino

Rainie Yang 

Triumphantly ends her “Love Voyage” World Tour at Caesars Casino

 by: Rick Lin 

Rainie Yang staged a spectacular show Saturday night, September 21, at Caesars in Atlantic City with her beautiful vocals, incredible dancing, and her stunning wardrobe. Rainie thrilled her audience with her great performance, in a one-night- only show, packing the house at the Circus Maximus Theater. Her performance included a mixture of her many famous hits, and she delighted her NY/ NJ fans by inviting them to sing along together with her. Rainie wowed her audience during one of her songs with an impressive modern dance that was nothing short of amazing. Her concert also featured various videos shown on three huge screens, which highlighted her creative journey in bringing her “Love Voyage” message to her audiences.

First known as a teenage idol in Taiwan, Rainie shed her cutesy image and dressed in a way that displayed her more feminine and sexy persona during the concert. Teasing her audience, Rainie showed how playful and alluring she can be, without tarnishing her superstar status. Wishing to get closer to her fans, at one point Rainie, dressed in a gorgeous white and yellow outfit, complete with a sculpture-like ribbon headpiece, even walked down from the stage and through the aisles. Shaking hands and taking pictures with her fans caused quite the commotion; all the while showing Rainie’s ability to enjoy being with her fans just as much as they enjoy being with her.

During her 90 min. concert, Rainie sang over 15 of her many popular songs from the last 10 years, including the single from the upcoming release from her new album. It was one of the many vocal highlights done from the concert, as it was without the band, just her voice.


In an emotional moment, Rainie told her audience that although she had just moved out of her mom’s house, she misses not living with her, but welcomes the independence it has brought her. And her mom, having embraced this new situation, has begun her own new life journey by traveling more and enjoying new experiences. In fact, her mom is currently traveling in Europe.

Beginning to end her show, Rainie told her audience it was hard to say good-bye. Even though this was the end of her “Love Voyage” concert tour, Rainie encouraged her fans to stay in touch with her on Facebook, Twitter and her official website: http://www. sonymusic.com.tw/pop/rainie/

She also warmly thanked her crew and the fans, and the hosts at Caesars; in particular the team at their Asian Marketing dept. for helping to make the concert the success that it was for everyone involved and in attendance.


Rainie Yang began her career in 2000, as a member of Taiwanese female quartet known as “4 in Love”, where she was given the stage name of Rainie, matching the weather theme of each member. The group’s popularity in the music industry was mediocre and they achieved limited success. After the group disbanded in 2002, Yang continued to pursue a career in the entertainment industry in Taiwan as a TV host, hosting shows such as the “Guess Guess Guess” variety show. After playing supporting roles in several Taiwanese dramas, including the Meteor Garden, she landed the lead role, as Qi Yue, in the CTV drama Devil Beside You opposite Mike He in 2005. Devil Beside You was well received, allowing Yang’s career to take off. That same year, she released her debut album, My Intuition. Since then she has been in various other dramas and released other albums as well.



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