Ready, Set, Guo

By Dave Flores

Katie Guo stands at five feet six inches and weighs in at about 118lbs. Representing China, Japan and Russia, this girl’s got the spirit of a Boxer. Katie is one of those unique individuals who knows what she wants and works hard to get where she needs to be.

She was born and raised in China and was introduced to modeling at the age of six years old. At the age of twelve, her family packed their bags and decided to migrate to the United States, settling in a little town in New Jersey.

As she matured, Katie continued her studies in New York and was accepted to Baruch College. During that time, Sino TV noticed her vibrant personality, presenting her the opportunity to act as host and model in one of their popular shows. With no intentions of leaving this wonderful experience anytime soon, she continued to host with Sino TV for just over a year.

While modeling for a fashion event at Baruch, she was approached by representatives of Seventeen Magazine and MAC make-up products, eventually modeling for both of them. “New York is fast-paced compared to New Jersey”, and we can see how she fits right in the atmosphere of such a busy city. Her accomplishments are a testimony to her aspirations. “I enjoy participating in events and networking”, says Katie. This is a perfect example of getting yourself known in an industry. And if modeling and hosting weren’t enough to keep her active, she has tried her talents in the fields of singing, dancing and acting.

With a confident and strong conviction in her voice, she mentions that singing and dancing are at the top of her list. And she’s not kidding. Katie is currently being productive at a recording studio in New Jersey, where she lays down tracks for her upcoming and first, music CD. Out of her very hectic schedule, she still manages to commit a whole day to recording. Her preferred tastes in music range from R&B, hip-hop and pop.

It’s not really safe to say that Katie became interested in music in her later years. Rather, she was musically inclined at the tender age of four, where she learned to play the piano and maintained that pursuance for eight years. It seems only natural, that singing is part of her forte. Three times out of the week, Katie attends the Broadway Dance Studio, moving her body to the beat of similar rhythms that fuel her passion for singing.

She’s got some angles covered in acting, too. Bravo is currently airing a show titled “Double Exposure”, in which she proudly plays a part. Also, she recently wrapped up her role in an upcoming show: “The Love Coach”. Another exciting experience has been the opportunity to work with Fantasia, the American Idol winner, in a promo for a reality show airing on VH1.

You would think that with all of this work to deal with, how does she have time to eat? So naturally, I asked what kind of food she enjoys the most. “I really like Korean and Japanese food”. A few of her favorite dishes include Kamjatang, Yakitori and Sea Urchin, but she does mention indulging in French delicacies as well. And like any other girl, she loves to go shopping, spending a good amount of her time in Soho.

Katie has had the opportunity to travel a few places, including London, Shanghai and Los Angeles. In the near future, she will be making her second visit to Las Vegas. Don’t be surprised if you see Katie again soon. After all, she’s involved in almost everything!