Restaurant Row’s Bangkok House

By Joe Meny

Located on Restaurant Row on West 46th St. in Manhattan, Bangkok House welcomes their customers as if they were an old friend or member of the family. Take a few steps down off the sidewalk, and you will feel as if you’ve entered the dining area of someone who’s invited you over for dinner. And lucky for us, we’ll be savoring some of Bangkok House’s signature dishes on this sunny and warm weekday afternoon. We’re hungry…let’s eat!

Bangkok House offers a very complete Thai menu: over 12 different appetizers, 8 salads, and selected fish, noodle and fried rice main courses, along with over 12 different Bangkok House specialties, vegetarian dishes, and refreshing and palate-cleansing desserts. For an appetizer, we started with the Crab Cake. Lightly fried, dipped in breadcrumbs, and served with tasty corn-mayo salad, this was a great way to begin satisfying the taste buds. New on the menu, the Avocado Mango salad was fresh and light and perfect for a warm day. Made with mango, avocado, onions, cherry tomatoes, and topped with a tangy lime juice dressing, we knew this salad was only the beginning of a delicious Thai meal. Next up, was the recommended Classic Seafood Pad Thai, combining Tiger prawns, Squid, and scallops, all very artisticly arranged in a crispy shell. Wow…now this is Pad Thai!

And we just couldn’t pass up the chance to try another recommended dish from the menu, the Sizzling Duck. A crispy duck smothered with a spicy Thai chili sauce mixed with bell pepper, oyster sauce and onions. This is the way duck was meant to be: full of flavor, and cooked to perfection! Dessert? We topped off dinner with BH’s amazing Fried Ice Cream (yes, it was fried!) and the Mango with Sticky Rice (in season). The perfect way to end the meal.

When we asked Bangkok House manager Kalaya Prasertsom which famous person she would love to have dine at BH, Ms. Prasertsom says she would welcome First Lady Michelle Obama just like all her other customers…like family and serve her some of the best Thai food in Manhattan. Is it the food? The friendly service? Or the feel-athome ambience? We here at Asian Fusion have come to this conclusion: If first impressions count, then from the food to the friendly service, Bangkok House is definitely a winner!