Rising Star Jian Leonardo

Rising Star Jian Leonardo

Actor / Model

Photo Provided by Jian Leonardo

Jian’s from New York City. He graduated with a Bachelor of Technology in Communication Design in New York City. Since graduating, he has had many work experiences, including associate professor, graphic and web designer, photographer, manager, waiter, and art director on Wall Street before becoming an actor. At age nineteen, Jian was scouted to be a fashion model in New York.

When Jian was starting as a model, he pursued his modeling career first in New York, Taiwan, and then Hong Kong. He has become a top model in Taiwan, along with garnering a certain amount of fame across Asia. Jian has shot many print campaigns, magazines, and TV commercials that appear in Asia, Europe, and North America, and has various TV commercials running nationwide right now. His transition into acting was almost coincidental. Picture 13

After appearing in a few feature films while modeling, he discovered that he loved acting and the variety of challenges that come from being an actor. Knowing that it is not easy to become an actor after a certain age, Jian started with the basics. He booked as many gigs as possible to learn from the big actors and professional directors while on set. Jian believes he has what it takes to overcome any challenges and become a professional actor.

You can see Jian in Sony’s 3D TV commercial starring alongside Justin Timberlake and he has been featured in many films, including: “Gods Behaving Badly” starring Sharon Stone, directed by Marc Turtletaub, “Premium Rush”, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, directed by David Koepp, and “Men In Black III” starring Will Smith, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, “Safe” starring Jason Statham now in theaters worldwide as well as the TV series “A Gifted Man” starring Patrick Wilson and directed by Jonathan Demme which aired on CBS.

Jian has always appreciated and is excited about all these great opportunities and experiences to work with so many famous actors and talented directors.

Jian’s love for acting has kept him extremely focused on his career, even though he’s found that his schedule is intense and he has to do a lot of overnight shoots. Though he is an accomplished actor, he feels ready for bigger challenges in his career.