Rising Star: Vivian Fang Liu

By Jason Lee

Asian Fusion Magazine was invited to the Kitano Hotel for jazz night…and there we met the amazingly talented and gifted artist Vivian Fang Liu and her band. The performance was so mesmerizing that we had to find out how this young artist had come so far. With Gino Moratti, the artistic director at Kitano’s Jazz Program’s warm welcome, we were able to interview Ms. Liu at the same venue where she presented us with the spectacular performance.

Ms. Liu was born in Guiyang, Guizhou Province and with her parents’ influence; she started studying piano at the age of five. She was very hard working at such a young age and already had made a name for herself at her hometown before her bold move to the states. When she turned 16, she decided to come to the U.S. to further study music and perfect her musical talent. She moved to New York by herself and attended Cardozo High School and was later enrolled at the prestigious New York University to study classical piano performance as a master student. At NYU, Ms. Liu met her band members and started performing at various New York City venues and started to become a known figure in the competitive NYC music industry.

While at school, Ms. Liu also taught as a private piano instructor and as an adjunct piano faculty member at NYU. Since 2002, she has won many prizes at piano and voice competitions in New York. To name a few of her achievements, Ms. Liu has performed at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Hammerstein Hall, Steinway Hall, Super Star Theatre, Hilton Grand Theatre and more recently was invited to perform at Gracie Mansion, the home of Mayor Bloomberg, for the NYCHA celebration. She was a judge for the 2010 Global Chinese Youth Musical Instrument Competition and adjudicated NYSSMA festival 2010.

Throughout the interview, I was amazed at how much Ms. Liu was able to achieve so much at such a young age. Ms. Liu told me that her family gave her tremendous support from China and she is grateful to them. A young artist who puts her entire life and energy into her passion, she has done great so far and she is certain to do even greater in the future.