Roberto Coin’s special gift for the Year of the Horse

Roberto Coin’s special gift for the Year of the Horse

By Jim Yuan Zhou

Roberto CoinDiamond. A simple word, that connotates the timeless mystery of love and commitment.

The Year of the Horse is a very special year of the Chinese Zodiac. As Mr. Coin said, “The horse is one of my favorite animals. I am inspired by their elegance and force.” Known for his timeless and innovative jewelry, founded in Vicenza in 1977, Roberto Coin is a high-end Italian jewelry brand. Roberto Coin jewelry designs not only offer up some of the world’s most exquisite and elegant jewelry, this year it brings out the Chinese zodiac’s sophistication to celebrate 2014 in its finest limited edition – “Cheval Chinois Collection”.

January 31st marked the beginning of the Chinese calendar and the Year of the Horse. In celebration of the New Year, Roberto Coin is launching a limited edition collection of horse bracelets and pendants inspired by Arabian horses; as much works of art as they are bracelets and pendants.

The “Cheval Chinois Collection” includes three different variations of horses that combine 18K rose, yellow and white gold with colored and colorless diamonds. It combines timeless appeal with tradition. Its creative use of the horse symbol is a true expression of elegance and nobility. In China, the horse is regarded as good luck, together with diamonds; this limited edition collection has perfected Mr. Coin’s dedication to innovation and forward thinking through cross cultural appreciation and love. By capturing the exquisite horse symbol, the “Cheval Chinois Collection” makes a perfect gift anythime through the year.

George Eliot once said diamonds “ have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of.” Diamonds are rare and valuable. So if you want to show your love for that special one in your life, and shine the year of the horse, select from this special collection before it is sold out! In addition to online, you can also purchase the “Cheval Chinois Collection” at Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue!