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How Japan Does Chocolate

By Kelly Lau 
Nama Chocolate, Au Lait
Nama Chocolate, Au Lait

If you love chocolate, Asian Fusion recommends you try ROYCE’ Chocolate from Japan. ROYCE’ is located in Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan – known for a rich natural environment and cold climate, ideal for confection-making. By using the finest local ingredients and painstakingly sourcing the highest quality cacao to perfecting their original techniques, ROYCE’ has been producing truly unique chocolates for over 30 years.

ROYCE’ has been delighting chocolate lovers worldwide with stores located in Singapore, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Russia, India, Australia, and the U.A.E. ROYCE’ opened the doors to its first U.S. store in the heart of New York City on Madison Avenue in 2012. Following this success, they opened two other locations at Bryant Park and the West Village.

Chocolate Wafers, Maccha
Chocolate Wafers, Maccha

Some of their featured chocolates include the Nama Chocolate, the Potatochip Chocolate, and their entire line of Maccha (Green Tea) Chocolate products. The Nama Chocolate is their signature product – it is a fine delicate combination of selected chocolate and fresh Hokkaido cream with a hint of prestige liquor that simply melts in your mouth. Nama Chocolate is available in Au Lait, Bitter, Ghana Bitter, Maccha, Mild Cacao, Champagne (Pierre Mignon), and White chocolate. The Potatochip Chocolate is also a big hit with anyone who loves a sweet and salty combination of crunchy potato chips with one side covered in rich chocolate. It’s available in Original, Mild Bitter, Caramel, and Fromage Blanc. Also, if you love the taste of green tea, you absolutely have to try the Maccha Chocolate Wafers – delicious maccha cream sandwiched between delicate crispy wafers and coated with rich maccha chocolate. The best part is that ROYCE’ Chocolate is the definition of an ‘affordable luxury,’ as all of their beautifully wrapped chocolate boxes are priced under $20.

ROYCE’ is passionate about chocolate and committed to its customers based on strictly managed Japanese control standards to deliver quality, originality, and top-notch customer service. ROYCE’ Chocolate has something for everyone, and their friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to guide you and help you find the perfect chocolates. Complimentary tastings are held every day. Stop by today to taste…How Japan Does Chocolate.

ROYCE’ Chocolate has 3 convenient locations in Manhattan: 509 Madison Ave (at 53rd St), 32 W 40th St across from Bryant Park, and 253 Bleecker St in the West Village.

For more information, visit ROYCECONFECTUSA.COM

Potatochip Chocolate, Original
Potatochip Chocolate, Original


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