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Enhance your winter cooking with Rufus Teague! Made with only the highest quality ingredients, Rufus Teague offers an array of sweet and spicy sauces and rubs for all your recipes. This brand makes great gifts for the holiday season, check out the gift baskets.

Add Flavor To Your Food This Holiday Season With Rufus Teague

Largest line of non-GMO project verified BBQ products are the perfect addition to your holiday recipes

Rufus Teague sure has come a long way! While it didn’t happen overnight, these smoky, sweet sauces and flavorful rubs have gone from the ol’ pot Rufus he used to stir in to winning competitions all over the nation. With the motto that good sauce makes bad barbecue good and good barbecue gooder, Rufus Teague upgrades the flavor of steaks, chicken, fish and even finger lickin’! A Kansas City sauce you can put on anything you’re cookin’, enjoy a boosted BBQ taste no matter the season with Rufus Teague.

BBQ sauces and rubs are perfect for holiday cooking! Try these mouth-watering sauces from Rufus Teague:



Honey Sweet: Full of honey and sweetness, the name says it all with this award-winning sauce. Great for grilling, basting, dipping and drinking straight from the bottle, this sauce doesn’t have a ton of spice but your tongue will know it’s there.

Whiskey Maple: Hungry for a little hooch in his sauce, Old Rufus got all roostered-up and decided to add some Whiskey in the mix. Throwing in some maple syrup to sweeten the deal, it was no surprise that it quickly became a fan favorite!

Touch O’ Heat: Give your next meal a kick with this delicious combination of sweetness and spice! Kinda hot but kinda not, this smoky, sweet, Kansas City BBQ sauce has just enough zest to make your taste buds jump into action.

All products except for Steak Rub and Fish Rub are Non-GMO Project Verified BBQ Products. All products are Kosher and Gluten-Free, with no high fructose used.

Keep calm and barbecue on this winter with Rufus Teague! To explore the different sauces and rubs, visit