Savoring Taiwanese Cuisine kicks off!

Savoring Taiwanese Cuisine kicks off! 

By  Rigche Ma

From 16 – 20 October, treat your tastebuds to the best of Taiwanese tapas in a full course meal featuring the renowned Chou’s Shrimp rolls, Coffin Bread, Milk fish congee and many others, specially prepared by a team of chefs from Tainan City, who had flown in with their secret ingredients in tow. Only $39.95 per person, at Brasserie du Dragon, Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel. This open table tasting is jointly presented by Taiwan Tourism Bureau NY, China Airlines and Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel.More information at

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Taiwan is internationally renowned for its culinary arts, which has been very much trumpeted by the Western foodies. Taiwan is a wonderful culinary destination is one of the reasons National Geographic listed Taiwan as top 20 places to go in 2015. CNN also published “10 things Taiwan does better than anywhere else,” with the well-known historical treasures in the National Palace Museum, National Health Insurance, extensive free Wi-Fi hotspots coverage, Night Markets and themed restaurants on the fascinating list.

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Taiwan is famous for is its tradition of xiaochi, which translates to ‘small eats’. It can best be compared to the Chinese tradition of Dim sum or Spanish tapas: enjoying several small dishes throughout the day instead of the western concept of having three big meals a day. Chou’s Shrimp Rolls, highlighted in CNN as one of the 19 local specialties of Taiwan. Created by Chef Chou from Tainan City in 1965, he sold a variety of street food in the township outside of his chef career. With fifty years of history, they insist on traditional flavors made from the selection of the finest fresh ingredients. The shrimp roll stuffing is made with grilled shrimp, along with minced pork, fish paste, celery, and onions. In addition to shrimp rolls, Chou’s also serves Coffin Bread, Milkfish congee, Tainan Dan Zai Rice noodle, shrimp balls, milkfish ball soups, Stir-fried Eel and Almond Tofu Pudding, which are all customers’ favorites. Chou’s local bistro has turned into a national icon, which attracts gourmands from all over Taiwan and the World.

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