YoonHeek & Dahn Collection by YoonHee (Left) and Dahn Duangkamol (Right)

Yoonheek & Dahn Collection was created by two Asian female designers – YoonHee Joe, and Dahn Duangkamol. Born in Korea, YoonHee, a quiet and timid girl, came to the United States to pursue her ambition in fashion. She is currently working in Fashion production/ merchandising at Amerex Group, while hoping to launch her own brand in the near future.

The opposite version of YoonHee, Dahn is an energetic girl with great optimism who came to the United States from Thailand. “DAHN”, her namesake line, is described as both minimal and futuristic with a sophisticated architectural feeling in her own language.

Their concept of this collection is attracting plenty of attention for its well thought- out, structured, and razor-sharp take on minimalism. With the innovative creation that is structurally interesting shapes by adding asymmetrical cutting lines and an unusual neck, sleeves and bottom hem construction. Dahn’s personal collection would actually give audiences a vision of sci-fi or futuristic living, or perhaps a life dimension that only exists in the movies.

Dahn, who was a total stranger to the fashion industry back in Thailand, had been working as a graphic designer at Mono Magazine and DNA Magazine. However, after persistently embracing fashion-related graphical tasks, such as layout, Photoshop, and Illustration, she eventually became inspired by the art of fashion and finally decided to answer her instincts. “I want to do something with that,” Dahn said. A few years later, she started her own business in Bangkok and began selling clothing that she designed, all the while obtaining her experience from the famous Thai designer firm, Inspired by Inner Complexity.

YoonHee is currently working in Amerex as fashion production/merchandising, and holds a BFA in Fashion Design from Kookmin University, in Seoul, Korea. She also has an AAS in Fashion Design from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, which actually has helped them complement each other extremely well.

As fate would have it, Dahn and YoonHee, one from Thailand and one from Korea, seemed destined to meet each other in a classroom in New York City. Together they strive to create an impact on future trends in the fashion industry

in this faraway land. Dahn and Yoonhee both share a common interest in many perspectives, including art aesthetic, music, and how they observe and interpret the world. These

shared perspectives contribute an immense impact on their design ideas, development and styles. The coincidence allow them to further their inspirations by merging both design philosophies, and more importantly appreciating

each other’s contributions.

In their minds, the collection is universal, and not heavily affected by their Korean or Thai traditions or culture, leaning more towards the combination of New York City’s diverse communities. YoonHee says that it is actually interesting because their different cultural

backgrounds could have affected their designs subconsciously but without their realization on how that exactly happened.

In this series of collections currently featured in Asian Fusion, the designs are primarily focused on simple color but with a unique and tensile design, striving to breach the norm of current fashion trends and creating a path to the future.

By Cecilia Sha & Sanique Lim

Photography: Anupas Premanuwat
Camera Assistant: Warut Shidvongs
Clothes: YoonHeek & Dahn Collection, by YoonHee Joe & Dahn Duangkamol
Makeup Artist: Aya Ogasawara
Hair Stylist: Yusuke Miura
Models: Piyawan Phitsamran and Ploymanee Supawetvehon

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