by: Lisa Crawford



Embark on a journey in Taiwan. Let the natural sights and sounds of the island bring tranquility to your body and mind, and allow the country’s sophisticated medical technology and expertise bring you both health and beauty. In 2000, The Economist declared Taiwan second ranking in the world for medical quality, surpassing Sweden and ahead of countries like the United States and Japan.


Taiwanese health checkup packages include world-class medical technology supported by advanced equipment. Expert doctors are on hand to explain each detail from your report, provide health advice or offer professional treatments so you can receive the best health management experience tailored to your individual schedule and budget. And, still leave room in your pocket and travel itinerary to explore the beauty of Taiwan!

Ancient Medical Wisdom


In Taiwan, ancient medical wisdom passed down through thousands of years is kept alive. These secrets reveal the art of combining energy meridians, manipulating acupoints, and using herbal essences for massages to relax joints and revitalize blood and energy flow to de-stress.

Facial Sculpting


Facial Sculpting is a popular solution to achieving the coveted ‘oval face’. Taiwan provides various types of facial sculpting, including;

•   Botox injection, to make the  face smaller,

•   Chin surgery, to achieve more  perfectly proportioned features,

•   Liposuction, for a beautiful oval-shaped face,

•   Hyaluronic acid injection, to regain that youthful glow,

•   Nose Augmentation, to enhance the nose structure, and

•   Bone reduction surgery, for a delicate face.

Cosmetic surgeries in Taiwan are often quick and non-invasive, so patients can make full use of the rest of their trip to enjoy their new found aesthetics!

Taiwan is also one of the world’s leaders in cosmetic medicine. You will rediscover true beauty and self-confidence under the care of cosmetic experts in Taiwan.

One-step Dental Diagnosis and Treatment 


Taiwan’s dental surgeons have always been renowned for their sophistication and reasonable prices. Thanks to their comprehensive medical training and computerized equipment, doctors offer one-step diagnosis and treatment so you don’t have to endure several days of discomfort.

Most Taiwanese dental clinics now have 3D CT scanning technology developed specifically for dental applications to move beyond 2D and into the 3D. This technology helps identify the best implant angles in the bone medium and avoid danger areas. The results are smaller surgical areas and less post-operation swelling, so you can continue to enjoy your holiday between visits to the clinic.

Dental aesthetics or treatment of gum disease can both be incorporated into short stays. Depending on your preferences, you can even choose a clinic appointed in a Japanese garden, stylish and opulent, or in a children’s theme park so you can maintain that holiday mood.

Further, the cost of treatment will still be less than half of what you might expect to pay in Europe, America or Japan, and the savings alone will be enough for you to enjoy a luxurious tour of Taiwan!

Convenience and Access to Equipment


Kidney diseases need not limit travel. Hospitals throughout Taiwan provide access to sophisticated dialysis equipment in comfortable environments that ease disease-induced discomfort.

Other Factors:


High Technology: World-class diagnostic equipment such as 64-section Computed Tomography (CT), Whole-Body Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Positron Emission Tomography (PET/CT) and nuclear medicine that offers fast and accurate screening & analysis.

High Quality Care: Professional medical teams provide high-quality medical checkups, personalized health advice and follow-up monitoring, referrals and treatment.

Personalized Scheduling: The health check-up program can be tailored to each client and completed in just one day. The clients are also matched with a dedicated guide.


Maximum Comfort: Taiwanese health facilities and services can rival 5-star luxury hotels, so a healthcare trip can be turned into a rejuvenating holiday.

Value For Money: Superb health check-up services at reasonable prices.

Make sure you include Taiwan  as your next destination, especially if your health and beauty ranks high on your itinerary!

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