Sex, Love, Rock-n-Soul

By Larry Underwood

Sex, Love, Rock n Soul easily sums up the Underwood man. Fashion is and will always play a big part in how Underwood presents himself to the world. Our lives are fast paced. Clothes have to be easy, comfortable and keep pace with our busy lifestyle. So, here in his own words, let’s get to know Larry Underwood.

“I chose a few of the new designs to show how by relying on a few well-designed pieces that have been custom tailored you can easily pair them with some of you own favorites. This is how you build your own personal style. We look for ways to stand out in the crowd to get attention to make a statement. Clothes are our personality”.

“One of the best investments anyone at any age should make is a pair of custom jeans. The longer you own them the better they fit. You will defiantly love rockin’ that sexy back workin’ that new groovy soul- stroll”.

“Music has been one of many inspira- tions in life and in design. Wheher it’s the songs I listen to growing up, or my latest download. I especially love designing for my clients in the music industry. It requires a close relationship that can last for years. Building a wardrobe takes time. It’s all about their image and a little about their egos. They must look good on the way to the gig, on stage and at the party. It is so rewarding when you are able to guide them into the perfect outfit they didn’t know they needed. I think they even sing better with the right pants”.

“There are other influences that will always be included in my designs. The first that comes to mind is my personal history and family which will always be a grounding force”. “Diversity is one thing that is very important. Leaving San Francisco after living there for many years and moving to New York City in the early nineties, I was overwhelmed and excited by the number of different cultures that were represented on the street. You develop a new way of seeing the average person on the street and the beautiful sense of style they present”.

“In a lot of ways New York City itself has become a great influence. It allows you to create anything you want without restric- tion. What a gift it has become. Fashion is not judged by gender, age or how much money you have. Some of the best outfits have been born from being creative with thrift store finds or reinventing things you already have”.

“So move forward always looking your best and enjoy all the SEX, LOVE and ROCK n SOUL you can get!”

For more information you can contact Larry at or by phone 917 468 5283