Sheraton LaGuardia’s Fresh Take on the Familiar

By Kiat-Sing Teo

This season, Sheraton LaGuardia jazzes up their acts with a fresh take on a familiar song. For this veteran, though, a subtle shift in the composition of their culinary team, backed with more than 20 years of know-how, is enough to add zest on any salsa salad.

There are a few secrets cooking in the wok, so to speak. Sheraton’s experienced kitchen is thirsting to marinate their familiar cuisine with new oomph. Preserving the classics of traditional dishes, patrons can look forward to more enticing presentations, and even a few new innovative additions on the menu guaranteed to up the tang in tango. Delicate adjustments to the ingredients and enhanced creations, for sure, perhaps adding a Western impression to Chinese food in some cases while retaining its authentic origins. However, to say fusion, or even a hybrid of the best of two (or more) worlds is just not doing the taste buds justice; the flavorful end-result demands to be savored, not described with words.

It is impossible to dismiss this matriarch of a hotel’s long-established reputation as the New York meeting site of choice for international diplomats from Washington D.C. to across the globe. With cultural exchanges, business conventions, and important life celebrations, Sheraton has a unique ability to deliver the true taste of tradition just as it should be, while catering to each events’ varying needs. Sheraton’s kitchen is well-prepared, with its diverse team of chefs specializing in cuisines from Chinese and Malaysian to Indian and Latino, and well-known, too, for whipping up any combination of cuisines for the same event; a feat made possible only because Sheraton’s superior sales team provides impeccable organizational support. Indeed, the sales teams oversee the entire event process from its planning to execution, making sure the guests are at ease and well taken-care of, perhaps even making plans for beyond, be it the honeymoon for a wedding or a post-seminar reception.

Apart from this, the hotel is ideal for themed parties, small to medium sized VIP and outdoor events, with a variety of spaces available and the astonishing flexibility to accommodate any number of banquet guests up to 450 (or more, for a reception) and complete with any necessary facilities, such as meeting equipment or wifi. It is worthwhile to note that Sheraton’s Phoenix ballroom and its outdoor terrace basking in the summer sunshine have hosted many a memorable and milestone event.

In perspective, one might say that although Sheraton LaGuardia has milked its seemingly inexhaustible potential in customizing to its
clients’ fancies, the hotel does not rest on its laurels. Rather, there is a process of constant reinvention sensitive to the community’s evolving wants and its clients’ tastes, going the extra mile so that repeated guests will always enjoy the same high standards but a completely (and pleasantly) refreshing experience.