By Niki Cheng


Spring is finally here!

We have been craving to go out and play without being bundled up in thousands of layers. We can take our time out and about, soak up the sun without worrying about when it gets dark at 5pm. We can appreciate different colors of plants that signal to us the spring is here, not just limited to dark green or brown. It’s the time of the year when we crave for a new beginning, so we can celebrate life even more.

That’s one of the reasons why most of residential real estate transactions happen in the spring. People are in search of a new home, a new lifestyle even. For real estate companies or individual home owners looking to sell their properties, staging the space can help close the deal faster, with a higher price.

Why, you might ask? It’s the same reason why people pay for a professional headshot, to help them land an interview, or a job offer. When first impressions count and time is so limited, staging is a way to present your property in the best possible light, so potential buyers can envision themselves living in the space. It’s a way to evoke emotion from potential buyers so they can connect with a space. Staging is also an effective way to show how efficient the space functions.

One thing to clarify: staging is not interior design. Interior design is geared to the homeowners’ taste and personal style. Staging is about putting together appropriate furniture layouts in a space so the buyers can visually imagine themselves living in that space. We are trying to create a future dream for the potential buyers.

Here are 5 simple tips to consider before you stage your space: 

1 Remove Your Personal Items

On average, potential buyers spend 10 minutes per viewing. It would benefit the seller to help viewers focus on seeing the best part of the space. Time really is gold. Each moment the viewers glance at items that are meaningful to you, you lose that bit of their attention to consider purchasing your property. Box away your personal items especially your personal photos.


2 Keep It Neutral 

Potential buyers don’t need to know you are into Hello Kitty or Fifty shades of gray. Keep your private life private. The key is keep the space as neutral as you can. Feel to do an accent color on one of the walls but also do not go too crazy with loud colors. Highlight features of the architecture that are unique, like the baseboard, or the exposed brick wall, or doors and window frames with semi gloss white. It is a small price to pay and the return is worth it.


3 Keep It Bright and Happy

Lighting is one of the most important aspects in home staging. If you think your space is bright enough, if it is not, crank up the wattage, it doesn’t hurt to have extra lighting. Add an inexpensive basic design floor lamp or table lamp at corners of your space. Use incandescent lighting for a cozy, warmer feel, like the Danish say, the “hygge” feel. In essence, “Hygge”- pronounced hugga- means creating a home atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. That’s the feeling we want to capture in the staging.


4 Keep It Uncluttered

Box away all your personal items such as toys and personal collections. It might even be worth it to rent a storage space. By decluttering the space, you can transform your space into a cleaner, more efficient environment. Be ruthless. Clear out the closet. Clear out the medicine cabinet. You want potential buyers to think “wow, this place is so spacious.” And not the opposite. An empty closet allows them to envision putting their own personal items in the closets.


5 Keep It Simple and Classy

No one cares if you have the latest wallpaper prints or the most advanced remote control system for your curtain. You want to make sure your apartment is easy on the eyes, and appealing to a wide demographic. Having a super trendy space might distract the buyers from focusing on the main purpose of their visit. Or it will limit how many potential buyers would consider investing in the place. Don’t make it too masculine or too feminine either, so no man caves or extreme floral prints around princesses. Remember, keeping it simple, clean and neutral are the keys for broad appeal.


Here’s what three Real Estate experts have to say about “staging”:

“Staging helps buyers visualize their future home.”

Helen Lee 
Sales Director 
The Grand At Sky View Parc

“Staging is like makeup and a nice outfit, and the selling process is like going on a first date over and over until you find the perfect partner. Would you go on a date with your possible husband-to-be not looking your best? First impression is everything.”

Ryan Serhant
New York’s # No 1 broker
Nest Seekers

“Staging creates the best possible vision for the potential buyers.”

Maria T. Ienna
Director of Sales

All of the photos are taken from staging units at Nine52-A building Located in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, where Ninth Avenue meets 52nd Street, a New fully completed Luxury Building, comprised of Studio to Three bedrooms, Penthouse residences, and Garden Duplexes.

Nine52 building is located at 416 West 52nd Street, 
New York, NY, 10019
Photo by Adrienn Suri