Singapore Designers Bring Spring/Summer to the Coming Cold

Singapore Designers

Bring Spring/Summer to the Coming Cold

By Rigche Ma

It’s time to brace for the impending chilly weather change, but that’s no excuse to pull a dull face. Although it’s a long way to go, here’s reason to look forward to Spring; across the world from the sunny island of Singapore – where it’s tropical and sunny all year round, 8 young designers have arrived to present their Spring/Summer 2015 collections at the prestigious Coterie/TMRW tradeshow, as part of the New York Fashion Market Week.

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Asian Fusion zeros into the cocktail reception to give you a rundown of the evening’s happenings at the Grape & Vine on the lower level of the chic Jade Hotel.

In the romantic dusk-like ambience, the participating designers mingle, sipping specially concocted Singapore Slings and snacking on hors d’oeuvres with the fashion savvy and industry guests, examining the latest Spring/Summer collection worn by the model muses gliding smoothly between the crowds.

Asian Fusion editor, also New York based Singaporean, Kiat-Sing, with Kiki-Nuria Tjai of Textile & Fashion Federation (Singapore)
Asian Fusion editor, also New York based Singaporean, Kiat-Sing, with Kiki-Nuria Tjai of Textile & Fashion Federation (Singapore)

Represented this year, are Aijek, DelChen, ELOHIIM by Sabrina Goh, Ong Shunmugam, Pauling.Ning, Stolen, Styl.Myl. and Whole9Yards. Worthy of mention is the unorthodox and almost androgynous sense of style coming from Styl.Myl. – clean, modern and unmistakably unisex. Designer Kolin Chong wears his own design, and points out that the pieces are reversible, detachable and attachable to other pieces as well. www.stylmyl.com

Ong Shunmugam presents the cheeriest colors with the label’s new take on old fashion and its mission to engage the modern woman in dialogue about origin and identity. Designer Priscilla Shunmugam is considered an expert in the modern cheongsam and was the recipient of the grand award at Design for Asia 2013. www.ongshunmugam.com


Hailed by Refinery29 as the ‘Southeast Asian fashion label you need to start name dropping’, Stolen is inspired by the first rays of light breaking through the dark and an ode to beauty in the simplest everyday miracles. www.stolenstolen.com

An independent brand that juxtaposes different materials with a touch of edginess, Pauline Ning produces ready-to-wear clothes that marries contemporary fashion and traditional hand crafted works.www.paulinening.com.sg


Urbane with a free-spirited vitality, Del Chen clothing is eccentrically aesthetic and imaginatively effortless. Awarded with the 2011 Star Creation award, the latest collection plays with the concept of the simplicity of all that is natural.

ELOHIM by Sabrina Goh takes inspiration from kintsugi – the Japanese art of repair, whereby broken pottery is mended with gold and lacquer. ELOHIM mixes elements of symmetry and asymmetry to produce unexpected details and silhouettes.  ELOHIM by Sabrina Goh, www.sabrinagoh.com


Founded in 2012, Whole9Yards is already an international women’s wear label. Headquartered in Singapore, the label is created out of love for the vintage and appreciation for the timeless beauty of feminity.www.whole9yards.com

Aijek is stocked in USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and boasts a showroom in LA. Founded by Danelle Woo, the focus is to create wearable, timeless pieces with sustainable fabrics. www.aijek.com


Singaporean designers are spearheading their country’s climb to becoming one of the most exciting cities to watch for fashion design and creativity in Asia. Backed by the Textile and Fashion Federation, Singapore (FaFf), with funding from International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, no wonder these well-emerging designers are stamping their mark on the international fabric.

As a fashion conscious lover of all things Asian, Asian Fusion Magazine will be watching these designers with the fanaticism deserving of a true fashionista!

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