Singha Beer Garden at the 40th Anniversary 9th Avenue International Food Festival

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What can be better than the 9th Avenue Food Festival?
May 18th and 19th were the dates New Yorkers in Hell’s Kitchen were waiting for. 2013 was even bigger and better since it was the 40th Anniversary of the 9th Avenue International Food Festival. It is where hundreds of food vendors join in and offer food and baked goods from around the globe. From East to West, American, French, Greek, Mexican, Peruvian, Thai, and so much more.
This truly International Food Festival is organized by the 9th Avenue Association. It’s a yearly event, occurring in middle of May. The purpose of the festival is to unite the local business community with local neighborhood organizations to help raise awareness for their cause. The event runs from 42nd Street up to 57th Street. One of this year’s participants included Singha Beer, recognized as the original Thai beer.
Singha sponsored its own “Singha Beer Garden” right on 42nd Street, decorating their booth with a Summertime yellow “Beach Party Theme” concept. Right next to its beer garden, was the Singha Stage, where they were working with the non-profit organization, Dancing in the Streets, to promote local dance groups and musicians from hip-hop to Jazz and beyond04
Singha reached out to New York City neighborhoods by working with non-profits from all over the city and celebrating those volunteers, employees and participants by offering discounts and prizes at the Singha Beer Garden.
“New York has been very good to Singha, and the International Food Festival is a great way to give something back,” said Singha’s Tom Sopit, Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships in North America, “This is a small token of appreciation for the people who work so hard to make other people’s lives better.”
Despite weather that was cold, windy, and rainy, New Yorkers still came out to support this event, as well as its local businesses. Apparently there was nothing that could stop New York’s strong communities from coming out to have a good time!
05Singha Beer
Singha Beer has been brewing in Thailand since 1933, when it’s founder, Phraya BhiromBhakdi discovered that the waters in his country had all the elements that were perfect for brewing beer. Singha was the first beer to ever be brewed in Thailand and can now be found in nearly every country around the world. Singha has a long history of working with charitable organizations to help them raise awareness and money for their causes.