Smart Car meets BoConcept

06by: Winson Chang/Silvia Yen
What does Smart, the car brand for urban mobility, and BoConcept, the Danish urban interior design specialist have in common? The two brands collaboration began as a creative exchange about urban design. While Smart solves the problems of small, urban transportation, BoConcept solves the problems of small-space urban living. It is this mutual aim to make optimal use of the limited space available that resulted in the creation of a Smart fortwo BoConcept signature car and an amazing furniture and accessories collection.
The Smart fortwo BoConcept signature style:
The outside of the Smart fortwo car features a matte crystal-white paint on the main body panels, and a contrasting matte brown on the car’s Tridion safety cell and door mirrors, which combines the wood colors of furniture and an elegant look for the car. At the same time the interior, which brings some of the furniture styling of BoConcept, is dominated by the tobacco brown leather covering nearly every surface and sofa-style grey fabric on the seat backrests, the interior door trim, and pieces of the instrument panel. A high-contrast yellow on the mounted tachometer adds vivid accents to the interior.
The Smartville collection:
Inspired by the Smart fortwo, BoConcept’s Smartville collection is a new furniture and accessory collection which aims to solve the space-saving challenges of urban living.
The furniture collection includes a coffee table, a modular sofa – which is inspired by the back seat of an old car – and a lounge armchair with several references to a car seat. The accessories collection consists of Smartville tableware, glassware, special cushions and a table clock, which also reflects the color scheme and the concept of the Smart fortwo.
“What does a manufacturer of furniture have in common with a carmaker? Well, as we soon found out: Everything!” Seeing this slogan in their latest advertising campaign, we couldn’t help wonder: what does Smart and BoConcept have in common? After researching and interviewing, we found the answer: they tackle the same central issue and share the same values of not compromising on quality. Both Smart and BoConcept have many years of experience and share a commitment to making urban life easy. A major challenge of urban environments is the limitation of space, both for vehicles and for human beings. Many car makers have attempted to tackle the problem of parking, either through ease of parking or through right-sizing of car frames. Furniture is always solving for the same problem, optimizing the limited vertical living space in many situations. The element of personalization is also one that both share, and therefore customers are expected to be able to personalize aspects of their own Smart fortwo BoConcept cars.
The 1 + 1 < 2 combination offers people the perfect solution for a urban living. The result of the combination is a perfect mesh of metal alloy with smooth wooden frame finishes that remind one of sweet home comfort. It is in this design that one no longer has to pick between beauty and utility, or interior versus exterior.
Smart and BoConcept have proven they were a “meant to be” project!