SNEAK PEEK- Our Special Restaurant Issue

New York City has a vibrant, yet discerning, dining crowd. Even the majority of the apartments (within my budget) are designed for takeout and dining out culture. The kitchens in most apartments can end up being two burners, no stove, and a mini-fridge – with the bathroom right in the room next door! That kind of kitchen is meant for heating up leftovers, not for throwing a dinner party. So, New York, let’s dine out! Let the economy know who’s the boss.

In our upcoming first annual Restaurant issue, Asian Fusion will focus on all of the Asian, Pan-Asian, and Asian-friendly eateries in the five boroughs. This will be an epic collection of reviews, photos, and maps of some of the best Asian cuisine one can find in new York City. What can you expect from our Restaurant issue? Here’s a little taste: Japanese – East Village


Cha An

230 East 9th St

The desserts and tea-themed cocktails are fantastic – typical Japanese flavors, but with a twist. Don’t forget to check out the bathroom. The automated toilet from Japan makes it a true highlight in the city.

Ippudo NY

65 4th Ave

Get your ramen fix here. With fresh ingredients and traditional Japanese flavors, Ippudo provides the discerning guest with a new palate of flavors in familiar styles.


236 East 9th St.

If you’re looking for real Japanese street food in New York City, you have come to the right place. Have the fresh takoyaki – tasty balls of lovely octopus.

Yakitori Taisho

5 Saint Mark’s Place

If you love food on a stick, you will love yakitori. The chicken skin on a skewer is the best.

Oh! Taisho!

9 Saint Mark’s Place

So many yakitori places, so little time. The staff is attentive and the roasted quail’s eggs and spicy cod roe mayo for the mentai potatoes are quite the taste sensation.

Pan Ya

8 Stuyvesant St

Japanese pan (bread) is soft and sweet, like a cuddly puppy or kitten. Pan Ya has so much more than just pan. Hot foods, cold foods, Japanese beverages, and everything you would want a Japanese deli to have…and more.