SOBA SUI Opens in Hell’s Kitchen


Opens in Hell’s Kitchen

By Joe Meny


The first Soba Noodle Restaurant and Bar in Hell’s Kitchen has recently opened and is fast becoming the go-to dinner destination on what is arguably Manhattan’s busiest and most diverse avenue of restaurants.  Soba Sui is conveniently located on the corner of 46th Street and 9th Ave., in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen.  Sob Sui is the perfect spot for a delicious pre-theater dinner, or simply a great place to meet after work with co-workers or friends.  And for a limited time, every Tues. – Thurs. starting at 5pm. every hour is happy hour, with $4 Sapporo drafts, $5 glasses of wine, and specialty cocktails.


The menu does not disappoint.  Starting with your choice of 16 different appetizers, ranging in price from $4 – $13, we encourage you to try as many as you like, but here are some of our favorites:  Goma-Ae, a combination of asparagus and string beans with a tasty sesame sauce, an Onion Salad that will both surprise and delight you, made with sweet onion slices, Bonito flake cashew nuts, Nori seaweed, and a splash of Onion dressing.  We simply loved the Chicken Nanban, teriyaki BBQ-style chicken with freshly made tartar sauce. Here’s one more: Shrimp and Vegetables tempura, shrimp and vegetables deep-fried to perfection!


Your main course selections range from fresh, homemade Soba noodles, to Ramen, to Rice Bowls (Donburi), ranging from $11 to $16.

The Soba noodles at Soba Sui are made fresh daily, with the main ingredient being buckwheat, a rather healthy ingredient high in protein and full of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6. Soba is also abundant in the antioxidant rutin, which slows aging and contains cancer-preventing properties.

Our top choices include the Shrimp Kakiage Soba made with homemade Soba noodle, shrimp tempura with scallion, and seven spices with Bonito-based broth.  For a dish with just a little more ‘kick’, try the Ginger Tofu Soba, made with homemade Soba noodle, with grated ginger, scallion, and white sesame with Bonito soy-based broth.


If you love Ramen, you can’t go wrong with either the Shoyu Ramen, made with thin noodle, roasted pork, boiled egg, scallions, bamboo shoot, Kikurand mushroom and Nori seaweed cooked in chicken broth and soy sauce, or the Miso Ramen.


We fell totally in love with the Donburi, or ‘Rice bowl’.  Donburi is a popular Japanese rice bowl prepared with your choice of meat or vegetables, and served with Miso soup.  There are six different selections to choose from, each quite wonderful in their own way.  Our three recommendations are: 1)Oyako, a bowl of rice with sauteed chicken, egg,onion and scallion; 2) Vegetable Don, rice with grilled vegetables and kelp seaweed; and 3)the Sukiyaki Beef, with rice, sauteed beef, egg, onion, tofu, and red ginger.


Soba Sui also creates a Salmon or Chicken Teriyaki, both done to perfection and won’t disappoint.

As you celebrate and enjoy Soba Sui’s opening on 9th Avenue, please know that your order of any entree includes a complimentary dessert of mango with sticky rice.