Social Media Influencer Tyson Dayley Hot Summer Looks

Model: Tyson Dayley
Photographer: Jason T. Jaskot
Wardrobe: Mister Triple X, Jed North, Tani, Modus Vivendi

Calling yourself an “influencer” has become a popular refrain on social media, but for 28 year- old New York City resident Tyson Dayley and his nearly 250,000 Instagram followers, the title fits. A model who has shot all over the country, a fitness competitor (WBFF champ!), a former high school tennis and hockey state champion, and a workout fanatic, the 28 year old Dayley keeps his fans happy with a constant update of new photos, workout advice and product recommendations. Here are some of his top fitness tips to get you through the summer…….

Drink plenty of water! Every process in our body runs off water even fat loss! I recommend 1+ gallon of water per day for optimal results; your complexion will thank you too!

Start gradual and work up! You can see results for longer (meaning more total results) if you gradually increase the cardio you do per week rather than starting with the most you can tolerate. You’re also less likely to injure yourself! I recommend increasing your total cardio by 30 minutes per week to see consistent results during your summertime shred.

Get enough rest! Quality sleep is important and so are days off from the gym! Give yourself 1-2 days per week that you focus on stretching to allow your body proper recovery time. You’ll have better workouts the other days of the week and this will make sure that your progress in the weight room doesn’t stall.

Diet!!! If you’re not lean enough it doesn’t matter how many crunches you do, you still won’t see abs. I recommend reducing the number of carbs you eat gradually. Replace your usual meals with salads (with protein still) starting with one meal per day as a good starting point.

If you have doubts about your workouts, hire a trainer at your gym! Even if it’s only a couple sessions, it can help dramatically to have someone knowledgeable show you how to do exercises properly. If done incorrectly you won’t see as good results and are even at a higher risk of hurting yourself. A good trainer should be able to show you all the basics in 3-5 sessions. Those with the budget for it should continue seeing a trainer 1-3 times per week to help you refine your form. Short term and long term, this is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. Knowledge is power!!