Soulful R&B Singer – Bai Yu

Interview with Soulful R&B Singer – Bai Yu



AF: You recently came back from Canada. Can you tell us about the Art Child in Canada program you’re supporting?

I actually found out about Art Child from a good friend of mine named Jewne who saw that the government was making cuts to the arts programs out there and decided to take a stance. I love aligning with positive organizations, especially those that are spearheaded by strong, like-minded women.

I knew I had to make it to Ottawa to perform and show my support for the program, especially since music education has been such an integral part of my own upbringing in not only helping me to find my creative voice but allowing me to draw strength from and form tight bonds with other creative minds. Art Child provides kids an opportunity to extend their arts education outside of the classroom.

AF: Compared to other special events you’ve performed at, is there a different feeling when you perform at charity events?

There’s nothing like the feeling that I get when I perform at a charity event. I feel like we all need to fight for something and do our part to not only embrace our communities but also to show some real support for issues that matter and need our attention. My friends will tell you that I would turn down a paid show in a split second if it’s not the right fit, but if I’m asked to support a worthwhile non-profit, I’ll trek through snow and sleet to make sure that I get there!

AF: You were born in China and moved to U.S when you were eight. Do you think being an immigrant has influenced your music? Do you speak Chinese regularly?

in that type of an environment has made me so much more tuned into to life and to the world.

AF: Was there a moment when you knew you wanted to pursue a music career?

There was never a moment. I always knew.

AF: You are a very multi-talented person: Singer-Songwriter and actress. How would you best describe yourself?

Thank you for that much too kind complement! I would describe myself as a strong, dedicated and persistent woman who’s always searching for the beauty in things. I’m forever looking to improve myself not only through creative pursuits but also as a human being.

AF: Do you think your music style has changed since your first album release?

The core of my music hasn’t changed too much. I’m still centered as the same individual, but I’ve definitely matured and progressed as a musician and artist. My style is always evolving as I get inspired by different things.

AF: Can you tell us about your latest album “Hunter”?

“Hunter”, in fact, is about the search! Whether we’re seeking truth, love, respect, success, passion or whatever else, we’re all hunting for something. Without the hunt, life has no meaning or purpose and we are spiritless. I revealed a lot of my personal thoughts on this album and it’s one of my most complete and robust releases to date.

This is also an album that has allowed me to collaborate with some really incredible talent including Paul Kim, Rotimi, Los and Hal Linton. These are all amazing artists that I had been wanting to do songs with so it feels great to have finally been able to put out this release.

AF: Which artists would you like to collaborate with in the future?

I think my top dream collaboration of the moment would be with Miguel. His soulfully sultry voice and the way that he emotes through his songs gives me shivers. I’m confident we would make something really wild and amazing together.

AF: Outside of music, you’ve modeled for Seventeen magazine and you’re a brand ambassador for Sprayground now. Any other future plans in the fashion industry?

I’m currently working on a collaboration with GoodWood and will be starring in a fashion film for Patricia Field directed by Tominno Kelemen. I don’t even know how I fell into the fashion world in such a heavy way but I absolutely love it because fashion and music go hand in hand.

AF: Are there any musicians that you are listening to right now?

Ever since I caught Beyonce’s halftime performance, she’s been burning a hole through my iPhone. Outside of that, I’m also probably rocking Miguel, Jhene Aiko, Elle Varner and Bruno Mars harder than any other artists at the moment.