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Spiritea (spiriteadrinks.com) opened its first location in New York City at 300 East 5th St on May 25th, bringing its premier tea drinks including Fruitea, Lattea and Cloudtea in a gallery-inspired ambiance to the Manhattan tea shop scene.

Spiritea was established in 2018 with the idea of elevating the tea shop scene by using all- natural ingredients. Compared to most tea shops that use artificial flavors, jams or frozen fruit, Spiritea has been known for never using such ingredients. It sources fresh fruits daily, uses house-made milk blends, and chooses all-natural Monin pure cane syrup.

Taking a step further, Spiritea is amongst the first tea shops in New York City to serve peach jelly, a sensational and luxurious Asian beauty food. This natural ingredient is said to improve the overall health of the human body. Made from resin found in wild peach trees, peach jelly is rich in dietary fibers. When cooked, the texture of peach jelly is similar to that of peach gummies.

Spiritea not only uses the best ingredients, but also integrates modern technology to ensure every cup of tea is held to its highest standard. Tea brewing machines are used to control the consistency of the temperature of water, the time of brewing, and the level of concentration. The beverage making process is also extremely laborious. Take the signature drink, Brown Sugar Milk Peach Jelly, as an example–it not only contains peach jelly that needs to be soaked for 12 hours and boiled for 2 hours beforehand, but also involves brown sugar sauce that is arduously made. The brown sugar sauce is made from scratch in house with an optimized recipe, which ensures the finished sauce has a charcoal roasted flavor and a perfect density judged from the tear on the cup.

“We aim to make high-end tea drinks casual and expand this market to further appeal to the mainstream population,” says the Co-Founder and Owner, Dan Zhang, “We want to make quality tea drinks available for to-go and offer a great space for customers to enjoy and appreciate these drinks.”

In terms of interior and experience, Spiritea creates an artsy space for customers to enjoy the collision of Western and Eastern cultures. Artists Kun Wei and Yafang Zhi, from the Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University, created sculptures featuring the five senses of humans. The artists paint Western portraits on traditional Chinese landscapes and fuse 3D printed sculptures with a traditional Chinese painting. The gallery-like space allows Spiritea to offer a far more intriguing atmosphere than traditional beverage shops.

The interior design is executed by New Practice Studio, the architecture firm that designed Tang Hotpot, Hunan Slurp, Hao Noodle, and Atlas Kitchen. At Spiritea, the designers pair light pink and blue haze as the color palette and accentuate the gallery atmosphere with spotlights on each artwork. The center island is designed as a stage for baristas to showcase the soothing drink- crafting process. These features transport customers instantly to a tranquil and calming ambiance.
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About Spiritea
Spiritea was established in 2018 with the idea of elevating the tea shop scene by using all- natural ingredients and combining traditional brewing methods with modern technology.