By: Lisa Crawford

They say “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, so this spring, Asian Fusion wants to make sure that your beauty shines through. From the finest skin care to the most glamorous make-up, this spring you will shine like never before!

Bio-Clock Activation Anti-Aging System – Anti-aging systems are very popular these days. And making the clock rewind is exactly what Bio-Clock Activation Anti-Aging System is going to do. Trust us, supermodel Christie Brinkley is behind this amazing line, so we have good reason to believe that it works. If you want to look 25 forever, checking out this line is a must!


Bio-Clock Activation Anti-Aging System

Shany Beauty Book 

Great for everyday looks, as well as going “glam,” the Shany Beauty Book has it all. And for under $20, it’s hard to say no to this product. Eye shadow, blush, mascara and lipstick make up this wonderful beauty book.


Shany Beauty Book

doTERRA Skin Care System 

Essential oils are known to keep your skin feeling healthy, young and beautiful. The set includes facial cleanser, pore reducing toner, tightening serum and anti-aging moisturizer. The natural elements in this skin care line will make you feel good about what you are putting on your skin.


doTERRA Skin Care System

Lancome Skin Essentials      The Visionnaire limited gift set will have everything you need to keep your skin in excellent condition. The “essential” items include an advanced skin corrector, wrinkle diminisher and a multi-correcting day cream. With a name like Lancome, you are sure to get the best of the best.



No7 Lift & Luminate

Keeping your skin bright and taught is a big goal for many women. The No7 Lift & Luminate serum is fantastic for making this happen. Both the day and night cream are sure to give you that radiant glow. The signs of aging will be chased away with every use!



StriVectin Power Starters Age-Fighting Trio – Feeling young again is always the goal. When you can actually look young again, chances are you will try (almost) anything. The StriVectin Power Starters trio is going to use a multitude of serums to get you to the “good old days.” Great things come in threes. We suggest you check this trio out!


StriVectin Power Starters Age-Fighting Trio

Clinique High Impact Lip Colour – High impact is the way to go when talking about lip color. And we all know that the mouth is the most sensual part of the face. Why not dress it up to its max potential? And with a name like Clinique attached to it, you are sure to get everything you hoped for.



Laura Mercier Iconics Artistry Set – Make-up is surely one of life’s pretty pleasures. Making yourself feel beautiful is a must for many women. Laura Mercier is a well-known name in cosmetics, so this Iconic Artistry Set is sure to please. To celebrate 20 years of the Laura Mercier brand, they have released 12 of the most iconic “must-have favorites.” Lip liner, blush, lipstick, concealer. You name it, this set has it!


Laura Mercier Iconics Artistry Set

Estee Lauder Ideal Matte Refinishing – Finding a foundation that will keep your skin looking luminous and clear can be difficult. Luckily, Estee Lauder has been working hard in the skin care industry for years to help you out! This matte refinishing makeup not only keeps your skin looking good, but actually keeps it safe with SPF 18. Seamless beauty and health all rolled in one.


Estee Lauder Ideal Matte Refinishing

E.L.F. 10-Piece Mystery Makeup Box – Sometimes buying the same makeup over and over again can be monotonous. Why not add a little mystery to your makeup regime? E.L.F. is a well-known name in the makeup world and your box could include items like “complexion” sets of powdered foundation and blush. Or maybe you’ll open it to find a set of amazing brushes and cool new eye shadow colors. No matter the contents, you know that delivery day will be an exciting one.