Spring Fashion – East & West NO BOUNDARIES

 Spring Fashion – East & West NO BOUNDARIES



Photographer by Ention Sulo

Stylist by Gianluca Barolo

Hair / Make-up by Stylist Serena Palma

Fabrics by Ka International Milano


This Spring fashion photo shoot was inspired by the nymphs, refined young girls as plants and flowers in forests and meadows. Their innocence and purity is displayed using long dresses with lace characterized by soft, light colors, reminiscent of a carefree childhood. The make-up accentuates their natural complexion which helps to highlight their ethereal presence.

Spring and Summer 2013 is characterized by three main trends. The fluorescent color that passes under a highlighter giving positive energy and rhythm. The stripe, characterized mainly in black and white, but also available in other colors reminiscent of the classic deck chairs found on a beach. And lastly, the classic tuxedo is destructured and disassembled, then reassembled in different versions characterized by shoulders XXL or without sleeves, in processed fabrics. Fantasy and fashion come together this Spring.



Top to bottom and from left to right

Short dress by Frankie Morello

Sandals by Cori Amenta

Long dress by Misuraca

Long dress by Luisa Beccaria



Dress by Suit Nice Thing



 Dress by Gilda Giambra

Sandals by Iceberg



 Dress by Iceberg