Stitch Yu Crowned Miss NY Chinese 2016

Stitch Yu

Crowned Miss NY Chinese 2016

by Sophia Hsu


Born in Taiwan and raised in New York City, Stitch Yu has accomplished so much prior to winning the 2016 Miss NY Chinese title. She is an award-winning figure skater, a licensed scuba diver, a model, and a college student. And now, she can add beauty queen to the list: Asian Fusion profiles the newly crowned beauty pageant winner.

Asian Fusion Magazine (AFM): How did you pick Stitch as an English name to represent you?

Stitch Yu (SY): (When I was little,) I watched Lilo & Stitch. I respected the fact that it emphasized the acceptance of body types that are not typically what one sees in Disney films. Watching (the movie] makes everyone feel accepted, especially a child who feels like an outcast [like the title characters).


AFM: Even if you hadn’t won the Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant, what lessons would  you have taken away from the experience?

SY: The [entire] process leading up to [the finale] allowed me to realize that it’s best not to stress about the little things that aren’t in your control.

AFM: You have said that your dream is to help others achieve their dreams. How do you imagine you want to accomplish that?

SY: I imagine that if I lead by example and become successful following my passion, then it will lead to other girls believing that anything is possible, if you stay true to yourself. My goal is to become a successful actress who primarily partakes in films that serve the function of positive change.


AFM: In addition to the responsibilities that come with being Miss NY Chinese, what else do you expect to accomplish this next year?

SY: In the next year, I would like to do as much as possible to unite the Chinese community.  Besides my Miss NY Chinese obligations, I am also in school determined to earn a degree as a communications major and business minor.

AFM: One of the responsibilities of winning the title is going to Hong Kong to compete in the Miss Chinese International pageant, how are you preparing for that?

SY: My preparation includes participating in events that will allow me to improve in public speaking. I also maintain a fairly strict regimen of physical fitness, and I keep a healthful diet. I’m also taking dance lessons on a regular basis to prepare for the talent portion of the competition.

AFM: What would you tell the little girl who left Taiwan about your life now?

SY: If I were able to speak to my younger self and give her some advice, I would say to not be overwhelmed by all the changes. I would tell her to not be afraid to open up to the world. Even if you fail, don’t give up because if you keep trying and believe in yourself, you can make the dream come true.


AFM: What is one piece of advice you would tell anyone else thinking about entering a beauty pageant?

SY: If anyone were entertaining the idea of entering a beauty pageant, I would tell them to be willing to adapt and become a better person. They’re going to have to prioritize their time and become truly determined in order to achieve success.

Such an accomplished and determined young woman with a bright future ahead of her inspiring other young woman to dream and make those dreams reality. Everyone here at Asian Fusion Magazine wishes 2016’ Miss NY Chinese Stitch Yu the very best of luck at the Miss Chinese International Beauty Pageant.

We leave you with one of Stitch’s favorite quotes, “If you continuously compete with others, you become bitter, but if you continuously compete with yourself, you become better.”

For more information about the Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant, visit http://misschinesepageant.com.


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