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It was a successful close out of an intense day of shows during New York Fashion Week

Style Fashion Week New York wrapped up on Saturday, September 10th with consistently impressive fashion shows. Opening the final night were Native American designers Orlando Dugi and Patricia Michaels who brought culture and heritage to the runway. The artistic designs by Orlando Dugi showed unique artwork and captivating silhouettes,. Following were the ornamental ensembles from Project Runway alumni Patricia Michaels’ PM Waterlily collection, which featured her own original hand-dyed fabrics and entrancing textures. Guests were fascinated by each new piece that paraded down the runway, leaving them wondering what wa s going to come next.


Next were the lively designs from two children’s wear designers, Janay Deann and Ydamys Simo. The audience remained enthusiastic throughout the entire show, as Janay Deann’s vibrant formal couture designs illuminated the runway. Ydamys Simo’s designs were a sharp contrast, bringing a playful mood to the venue, as models came out in bold and ornate handcrafted playwear.


The highly anticipated closing show of the week brought an interesting mix of distinct styles to a packed house at Hammerstein Ballroom. The first to show was Japanese designer Akiyo Hirakubo of Bradelis New York. It was a sultry yet ethereal lingerie line featuring enchanting and sophisticated pieces. Danny Nguyen’s ready-to-wear spring/summer collection took to the runway next, showing off a range of all white and gold exquisite designs. The models sported elegant, gold lace arm pieces. The final designer to close out Style Fashion Week, Adrian Alicea, put on a performance to remember from start to finish, with his “World Domination” line, featuring racy and seductive lingerie, underwear for men and women’s dresses.

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Style Fashion Week New York brought in a total of 20,000 guests over three days for 18 different designers.

Malan Breton

MalanDSC_6357 copy


Malan Breton rocked the legendary Hammerstein Ballroom for Fashion Week, once again proudly wearing his Taiwanese influences on his sleeve(he traveled to Taiwan in recent years, and did a short film about his journey there, and it’s a trip that still heavily influences his work). While this show focused mostly on his more formal wear like flowing dresses for the women and smart silk suits for the men, he also took a break in the middle to show a few swim/sportswear pieces. Also in somewhat of a break for him, he spiked his mix of models with celebrities including the show-stopping finale of Nene Leakes. And in an even more dramatic touch, all the male models came out at the end wearing his new underwear brand, while Malan strutted down between them to meet Leakes on the end of the runway.

MalanDSC_6336 copy MalanDSC_6314 copy MalanDSC_6309 copy


LuarDSC_6744 copy

Luar is the new label by Raul Lopez, one of the founders of “Hood By Air,” and their Fashion Week coming-out party was a sight to behold. The clothes are gender neutral, and while the models technically were all men, they were certainly gender fluid, vamping and vogueing down the runway in a celebration of NYC’s ballroom culture. The word “fierce” is bandied about a lot when talking about the Fashion Week catwalks, but the models in this show all but redefined the word. As for the clothes themselves, it’s a collection of clubwear with varying levels of outrageousness. Definitely one to watch.

LuarDSC_6759 copyLuarDSC_6772 copy LuarDSC_6757 copy

Control Sector

Showing a perfect example of streetwear that really is wearable, Control Sector presented their latest collection at New York Fashion Week. The vacuous Hammerstein Ballroom was perhaps not the best showcase for what should have been a party show, but the clothes looked terrific nonetheless. Funky, chunky necklaces and bright red-rimmed sunglasses accessorized casual dresses and shorts for the ladies, while the guys got some smart windbreakers and  sleek monochromatic looks, Check out ControlSector.com for more.

ControlDSC_6435 copy ControlDSC_6442 copy ControlDSC_6446 copy ControlDSC_6454 copy ControlDSC_6440 copy

Nicole Miller

Bohemian, fun, funky and colorful are a few words that sum up the Nicole Miller show for NYFW. Colorful is a bit of an understatement actually; “bright” might be a better word, as a lot of these looks all but popped off the runway. From floor length dresses to mini skirts and jackets, most everything featured patterned prints with triangles and other geometrics. NicoleMiller.com for more.

NicoleDSC_6509 copyNicoleDSC_6489 copy NicoleDSC_6508 copy

NicoleDSC_6500 copy


Mister Triple X line

Erik Rosete’s Mister Triple X line is anything-goes club wear, and as part of the Art Hearts fashion shows, the whole event was anything goes. Mister Triple X presented it’s usual mix of club clothes with a decidedly bondage theme; a bit over the top, but this was the last night of Fashion Week and anything outside the norm was welcome. After years of staying the course with Mister Triple X, it’s more important to note the role that Art Hearts plays in bringing different designers to New York Fashion Week who otherwise would not be able to show. While the goal of the organization is to raise awareness for different social issues, raising awareness of emerging designers who can’t afford the big tent shows is a worthy cause in itself.

MisterTXDSC_6897 copy MisterTXDSC_6910 copy MisterTXDSC_6914 copy MisterTXDSC_6917 copy MisterTXDSC_6929 copy

MisterTXDSC_6958 copy


Greg Polisseni’s Artistix brand has been building for years now, and after a rocking men’s presentation this summer, they joined the main stage at New York Fashion Week. They’ve also added Andy Hilfiger as artistic director, and brother Tommy stopped by backstage beforehand for some added excitement. Polisseni is an abstract artist, and it’s his art that provides the overall inspiration for the line, all set to a (usually) hard rock soundtrack. For this show the musical theme was monochromatic(selections included “Back In Black,” “Paint It Black” and “Black Or White”) and that matched perfectly with the clothes which stuck to that same color palate. A brand to watch. Artistixfashions.com.

ArtistixDSC_6606 copy ArtistixDSC_6605 copy ArtistixDSC_6598 copy ArtistixDSC_6611 copy

Rookie USA

No doubt the cutest event of New York Fashion Week, The Rookie USA show let the kids shine, as the children of celebrities ruled the runway with just as much poise and (sometimes more) personality than their adult counterparts. Featuring brands like Levis, Nike, Hurley and Converse, and benefiting the PitCCh In Foundation, it was all for a good cause. Sure there were a ton of celebrities in the audience, but it was really the kids who shined, and it was hard not to smile watching them mug, dance, cartwheel and in some cases literally flip down the runway.

RookieDSC_6377 copy RookieDSC_6378 copy RookieDSC_6388 copy RookieDSC_6390 copy RookieDSC_6392 copy

Bibhu Mohapatra

Bibhu Mohapatra’s show took classic, elegant elements and studded them with glam and in some cases lots of layers. Otherwise elegant and formal leaning dresses were accented with sunglasses, and a black model in a patterned skirt had neon red lipstick that all but popped off the runway. Even the music struck the perfect tone; an M.I.A. song was almost, almost, too cool for school, a perfect match for the fun but also sophisticated clothes.

BibDSC_6709 copy 拷貝 BibDSC_6716 copy BibDSC_6719 copy BibDSC_6721 copy BibDSC_6724 copy BibhuDSC_6722 copy








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