TAG Heuer in Times Square “Don’t Crack Under Pressure” Did Not Give In to Rain

TAG Heuer in Times Square 

“Don’t Crack Under Pressure”

Did Not Give In to Rain

By Rigche Ma

DSC_0345 NEW YORK, Nov. 1, 2014 – The light morning drizzle did not dampen the enthusiasm in Times Square, as Tag Heuer, luxury Swiss watchmaker celebrated its partnership with TCS New York City Marathon, and prepared the city for the eagerly anticipated marathon that was expected to see some 50,000 finishers, 10,000 volunteers and one million New Yorkers line the streets.

Presenting Mary Wittenberg, President and CEO, New York Road Runners Race Director, TCS New York City Marathon, with a freshly crafted TAG Heuer timepiece, which she pronounced a work of art, Mr Jean-Claude Biver, President of LVMG Watches, joked that the gift will also survive a run in the rain.

TAG Heuer’s rich heritage had been established since the 1800s, trusted as a luxury brand built on the concept of pushing boundaries and breaking rules, its new communications campaign – ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ highlights and honors athletic achievements, and extraordinary perseverance of everyday individuals.

The official timekeeper, sponsor and supporter of one of the world’s best marathons, TAG Heuer’s philosophy perfectly embodies the urgency of overcoming challenges, as TAG Heuer Friend and elite athlete, Shalane Flanagan (Olympic Medalist and NYC Marathon Runner UP), who made a special appearance shared, ‘Running the NY City Marathon is a race like no other, it transformed my life, it transformed the way I thought about myself…to me, don’t crack under pressure means don’t let fear decide your future’

Joined by Tiki Barber, Former NY Giant and Superbowl Winner, David Willey, Editor-in-Chief, Runner’s World Magazine, and TAG Heuer Brand Ambassador and Tennis Superstar, Maria Sharapova (via satellite), Mr. Biver led an impactful “Don’t. Crack. Under. Pressure” countdown to unveil the Times Square billboard, featuring for the first time, winners of TAG Heuer’s ‘Get Your New York On’, Justin Michaliski and Michelle DeLucca. Mr Biver presented them with engraved TAG Heuer timepieces in recognition of their ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ mentality, while Flanagan awarded the new brand ambassadors with TAG Heuer medals to strengthen their resolute.


Said Mr Biver, himself a loyal NY marathoner (’82, ’83 and ’99), ‘Michelle and Justin are an inspiration to us all as they’ve pushed themselves to an unknown limit in order to achieve something they never thought would be possible. Running 26.2 miles requires resilience and willpower and TAG Heuer is thrilled to celebrate these two inspirational individuals who exemplify the brands Don’t Crack Under Pressure attitude.’

A spectacular performance by downtown dancers and musicians followeded. Amid the rain, the crowd gathered under thoughtfully handed out TAG Heuer umbrellas, spotting stylish wristbands with the magic words for the weekend – ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure slogans’. The celebration concluded with a number of staff and volunteers in TAG Heuer t-shirts breaking and leading the crowd into an energetic free-style dance to herald in the NYC Marathon that was to take place the next day.

TAG Heuer’s ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ slogans aptly lends its name and can-do attitude to the unshakable spirit and vigor of TCS New York City Marathon.