Taiwan – A Wonderful Cruise Destination Embark on an Exciting Voyage

Taiwan – A Wonderful Cruise Destination

Embark on an Exciting Voyage


Do you know that you can take a cruise to Taiwan? Taiwan is a beautiful island blessed with an abundance of natural resources and cultural diversity in an area of just 36,000 square kilometers (14,400 square miles). From Taiwan’s ports, you can continue your journey to China, Hong Kong and Japan. Taiwan’s many ports welcome cruise ships. They offer visitors a chance to explore Taiwan’s scenic attractions, delicious food, exciting culture and warm hospitality without having to book a hotel. Come explore its port cites and make time for Taiwan.


The Taiwan Tourism Bureau has been an active exhibitor for many years, and this year will see the first announcement of a joint promotional campaign with the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Philippine Department of Tourism, and Hainan Provincial Tourism Development Commission. These three destinations will publicly promote the recently signed Asia Cruise Fund (ACF) to the global cruise ship industry. Not only does this maintain the goal of continued promotion of the Taiwan tourism industry, but also serves to further announce the diverse cruise line packages among Hong Kong, Philippines, China and Taiwan, mindful of the principle that the sum is greater than the parts. They plan to expand the scale of the areas of cooperation, to jointly elevate the area market into a prominent global position, and to push the growth of the Taiwanese tourism industry to grow along with the continuing rapid expansion of the Asian cruise ship market.


In recent years, Asia has been the fastest growing cruise ship tourism market in the world, with an average annual increase of 8%. Last year, Taiwan had over 338 cruise ship stopovers, which brought in over 530,000 international tourists, an increase of 8% compared to 2013 . This brought in over 50 million in revenue to the Asia Pacific region. The Deputy Director General of the Bureau Mr. Wayne Liu states, “We need to face the changes and turbulence of the market, and consider that a successful cruise ship port will require cooperation from all sides. Only then can we create a hospitable cruise destination. The ACF is not only the first regional cruise ship promotional cooperation in Asia, but also a first for the entire world. We predict that in the future, other Asian nations or other regions will be invited to join, to further strengthen the scale of the Asian cruise ship industry, to increase competition, and to create a prosperous Asian tourism industry.”

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Taiwan has six main cruise port cities with which have an abundance of tourism resources waiting for you to explore. Keelung port is located in Northern Taiwan near the capital Taipei. Taipei is a modern diverse city with a lively and varied atmosphere, filled with energy. If you love spectacular mountains, marble canyons and indigenous tribes, then Hualien is great place to visit in Eastern Taiwan. In the west coast, there are three city ports you should not miss. The first is Taichung port. It is located near Sun Moon Lake, one of the top scenic attractions in Taiwan and a  perfect place for honeymooner. Or you may stop at Anping port in the ancient capital Tainan and try the famous local snacks on the streets and lanes.  Also, why not have a stopover at Kaohsiung port and bike around Kaohsiung city? It is a thriving international city which has worked hard in recent years to beautify its  environment. Last but not least, don’t miss the taste of the freshest seafood in Taiwan’s offshore island- . Taiwan’s many ports welcome cruise ships.

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