Taiwan Bike From November 8th to November 16th

Taiwan Bike

From November 8th to November 16th

by Lisa Crawford

bike_heartAre you a self-proclaimed adrenaline junky looking for your next adventure filled outing? Or maybe your outdoor type nature has been bursting at the seams and needs an outlet? If so, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Taiwan Cyclist Federation, and the Taiwan Bicycle Exporters’ Association have the perfect festival for you! The Taiwan Cycling Festival is eight days of fun and adventure that will not only let you break a sweat but also give you the unique and challenging experience that every cyclist dreams of.

From November 8th to November 16th, cyclists from all over the world will be flocking to Taiwan to take in the gorgeous scenery and exciting sporting activities. It all starts on Saturday, when a variety of cycling groups will be leaving from various locations around Taiwan at the same time to cycle in solidarity around the breathtakingly beautiful island.

For cyclists on the Central route, you are going to love the Xiangshan Bike and Pedestrian Bridge for its awesome ecological experience. The 0.9 km distance has been called one of the ten most beautiful bikeways in the world! Now that’s impressive!

If you’re wondering which category you will belong to during the Taiwan Cycling Festival, here is a quick guide to help you out. Beginners are in the “carefree” team and are categorized as those who are not quite familiar with bikes. Beginner 2 would fit into the “leisure” team and are for those who have ridden a short distance before. The intermediate riders are in the “athletic” team and would be those riders who have taken standard biking trips in the past. The high intermediate cyclists can put themselves into the “challengers” team and are those who feel comfortable with the average 50 kilometer or more ride. The professional grade riders will find themselves on the “warrior” team, who should be comfortable with long distance rides fairly often.


For the novice cyclist, Sunday, November 9th is the ideal day. Sun Moon Lake is holding “Bikeday” which only requires a 30 kilometer ride for the day. Starting in the early morning, riders will get the unique experience of Sun Moon Lake’s early charm. Here, you will get to see Wenwu Temple, Ita Thao Village, Xuanzang Temple, and Shuishe Dam all before sunrise! The ride along Sun Moon Lake is one of the most spectacular rides. Not only is it all downhill for almost 20 kilometers, riders will also get the chance to see Orchid World at Yuchi along with a variety of unbelievably beautiful sites. Previous cyclists have raved that this ride “will be sure to find you gasping at the beauty of Taiwan.” And we couldn’t agree more!

And for those who just want to bask in the sun and awe of this great sport, visitors and fans are more than welcome to join in on the fun!

Although there is plenty of fun to be had, the Taiwan Cycling Festival has some precautions to keep this week a fun-filled event. Items like helmets, windbreak sunglasses, non-slip, shock-absorbing gloves, rain coats, pants, insulating windbreakers/vests, water bottles, sport sandals, personal protective equipment and swimsuits are considered must-have essentials.


For those cyclists who are new to the sport, it is important to understand the parameters and guidelines expected of riders. Helmets play an integral role in keeping riders safe. Tail lights, headlights, meter bullhorn, bottle cage, saddle bags, and bottles of water are also just as important to the safety of each rider. Before each ride, be sure you choose a helmet that fits correctly with the chin strap set behind the ear and in the throat position. And just as imperative as the bike itself, cyclists must pay close attention to their cycling clothing. Be sure you wear clothes that will wick away sweat to keep you comfortable, as well as clothing items that will keep you visible on the road. Although this event is an exciting and rewarding adventure, safety is of utmost importance.

Most of all, the goal of the Taiwan Cycling Festival is to bring cyclists from all over the world together to ride in commonality. Being one with each other in this amazing sport and basking in the beauty that is Taiwan is what it’s all about. Whether you’re on the Northern, Central, Southern, Eastern, or Island route, you are sure to feel the excitement during your ride! No matter your level, the Taiwan Cycling Festival is sure to be an enjoyable and exhilarating week!

For more information, please visit: http://taiwanbike.tw/ and http://theme.taiwanbike.tw/ event/2014/en/index.html