Photos courtesy Taiwan Tourism
Text by Joe Meny
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If you’re planning a trip to Taiwan, or need a reason to start planning one, this is it: the Taiwan 2016 Culinary Exhibition. Taking place from August 5 – 8, at the TWTC Hall in Taiwan, the show will feature six exhibition areas with the following themes: Arts of Culinary, Utensils of Culinary, Ingredients of Culinary, Journeys of Culinary, Souvenirs of Culinary, and Education of Culinary.  Bringing together renowned chefs, creative tableware, local culinary customs and conditions, the joy of travel, and the essence of food education, Taiwan’s culinary culture will be both on display and celebrated for all the world to partake.  Visitors will experience the island’s era of genuine pure food; taking Taiwan’s fine food back to its true taste and displaying its delicious original flavors.

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Here, a brief overview of the exhibition areas:

Arts of Culinary: Featuring the tastes of the four seasons in Taiwan, a famous international chef exchange, and a cooking competition in which master chefs from around the word will display their talent and creativity.  Over the four days of the Exhibition, 48 hotels and restaurants will serve up set meals for each of the four seasons, using glass tableware and enchanting music to present a one-of-a-kind culinary symphony.

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Utensils of Culinary: will introduce the visitor to tableware craftsmanship and show how tableware styles have changed over the years in Taiwan.  Visitors will also see how new tableware designs are adding charm and refinement to Taiwanese snacks, giving these classic eats a new look.

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Ingredients of Culinary: On display here will be the highest quality and most refined of the island’s agricultural products. Featuring Taiwan’s sun-drying culture and its various dried foods along with distinctive alcoholic beverages created using rice and fruit.

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Journeys of Culinary: Experiencing good food is essential whenever and wherever one travels.  The “Time to Eat” activity in this exhibition, presented by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, the Taiwan Railway’s Administration’s Formosa Railroad Bento Festival, and the Taiwan Street Food vendors, is filled with classic Taiwanese snacks, which will add to your happy memories of your visit to Taiwan. In partnership with the Taiwan Tour Bus, Taiwan Tourist shuttle, and other forms of public transportation, together with distinctive restaurants, “Time to Eat” will allow visitors to easily visit popular tourist spots around Taiwan and savor local delicacies.

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Souvenirs of Culinary: With more sophisticated cultures, continuous innovative development of food types and flavors, and the constant appearance of new styles and packaging, Banshou has become more than just for gift giving.  Well-known Banshou gift businesses from across Taiwan will be here to offer their wares in this exhibition, and a home delivery service will also be available!

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Education of Culinary: An exhibition truly for all ages to enjoy, here you will be encouraged to remold your concepts and awareness regarding food, and nurture good dietary habits.  and to begin to choose foods that are not only healthy, but also earth-friendly.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to return to original, simple good tastes and fine ingredients.  We hope you will enjoy the authentic flavors of Taiwan at this year’s Taiwan Culinary Exhibition!

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