Taiwan for love —Stunning Scenery for Lovers

Taiwan for love

—Stunning Scenery for Lovers

By Lisa Crawford


ttb_02If you are looking for that next getaway with your special someone, look no further than Taiwan. After all, Taiwan is a place for the romantic at heart. This destination is a great place for honeymooners, couples renewing their vows, or anyone looking for a memorable place to share their love. The reason so many couples flock to Taiwan is for the beautiful backdrop and setting that surrounds them. This is especially true in New Taipei City where one can find Tamakang University, with its charming, old trees. Another exquisite site you may want to visit in your travels to Taiwan is Nanzhuang Old Street. Known for housing Taiwan’s most fragrant lane, Osmanthus Lane, visitors feel as though they have gone back to a simpler time with an ancient red brick design. There is even a 100-year-old post office, which only adds to the romance and majestic feel of visiting Taiwan. For those lovers who are looking to bask in Taiwanese sunsets, you may be interested in visiting the Kaomei Wetlands in Taichung. With its magnificent view of the coast, visitors can see the golden rays of the sun as it falls on the land. And to add a little “fun in the sun” to your trip, head down to the beach for some splashing around in your partner’s arms.

Nightlife for Lovers 

A vacation with your special someone wouldn’t be complete unless you had the chance to celebrate your love. This can be done in Taiwan’s Yangmingshan, near Taipei City. Here, you can see the scenic nightscape below, while enjoying the most exciting and fun restaurants. The best viewing spot is called “Valentine’s Slope.” From this picturesque view, lovers can gaze upon the flickering lights of the city below. Another great choice for enjoying the nightlife in Taipei City is to walk among Jiufen’s fishing boats. After the sun goes down, visitors can enjoy the glittering lights of the nearby fishing boats on the water, along with the stunning ocean and mountain views. For a more free spirited and fun late night expedition, head towards the E-Da World Ferris Wheel in Kaohsiung. Here, you can ride the tallest Ferris wheel in Taiwan and be among the dazzling lights that surround you, all the while gazing into the eyes of the one you love.

Weddings for Lovers 

If you decide that Taiwan is not only going to be the place where you enjoy your romantic vacation, but also where want to make your love official, then Taiwan has many offers for you! Not only is Taiwan the perfect backdrop to showcase your love, it is also filled with wedding professionals to make your special day even that much more perfect. Whether it is the many renowned wedding photographers, or the luxurious and creative wedding banquets, there is definitely something in Taiwan for every bride and groom. Over the past few years, Taiwan’s wedding market has thrived, thus bringing to the area a plethora of wedding gift stores. And don’t forget about the delicious cakes and pastries that Taiwan has become known for. You and your betrothed will find that Taiwan has everything you need to start your lives together.



Shopping for Lovers 

No vacation is complete without a little retail therapy. And lucky for you, Taiwan has got you covered. Whether its shopping in the famous fashion districts of Taipei Xinyi, Taipei Ximending, Taichung Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store or Kaohsiung Dream Mall, shoppers can expect a unique experience and all of the brand name styles you could ask for! And of course, in our new technological age, it is no surprise that Taiwan has jumped on the bandwagon. With various 3C Technology Shopping Malls, like Guanghua Digital Plaza, Kaohsiung Computer Street, or Taichung Electronics Street, shoppers will find the latest hi-tech advancements at the best prices possible!


Calendar of Events

Calla Lily Festival 

On the famous “Bamboo Lake” situated between Mt. Datun and Mt. Qixing, Calla Lilies bloom and turn the entire lake into a beautiful romantic scene. The wildlife, including Blue Magpie and White Egret are known to enjoy the atmosphere as well and only add to the beauty of the scene. This festival is perfect for the romantic at heart.

Yilan Green Expo 

This is the perfect event for those who are looking for a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Located in the Wukaokeng Forest, the expo showcases health, natural agriculture art, and experimental learning. This event is a great choice for those seeking harmony in ecology and co-existence.

Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival 

Monday and Thursday

In the area known as the “Gaillardia Pluchella Foug Island” an electric display of fireworks can be seen twice a week. This breathtaking performance also includes well-known Taiwan singers and performing groups, romantic music, and a sea of lanterns that all turn Penghu into a dazzling scene as night falls.

Taiwan Balloon Festival 

As one can imagine, big, bright and grand hot air balloons can add idealism to any romantic vacation. And from May through August, you can find these balloons floating dreamily through the skies. Taiwan International Balloon Festival includes flying shows, mooring activities, balloon rides, a nightglow music concert, and balloon wedding celebrations