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Taiwan Giveaways APP

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 On the heels of their acclaimed $100 Travel Vouchers campaign of 2011, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau has launched the Taiwan Giveaways APP aimed at attracting travelers from North America to visit Taiwan. Unlike conventional vouchers, this specially conceived app has four main features.  First, it offers selected can’t-miss sights and shops raved about by respected media including CNN Travel, Flavorwire.com, and The Daily Meal.  Second, is a city tour of Taipei that takes advantage of the ease of the subway system for visitors to hit the top attractions and redeem their gifts at participating merchants.  Third, is a free gift for participating, including the ideal local specialty gift of pineapple cakes, Taiwanese tea, and relaxing neck massages; and fourth is buy-one-get-one-free offers on specially selected items and services. The total value of these fine gifts and enticing offers exceeds $100, showering North American visitors with Taiwanese generosity and hospitality.

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Discounts and deals available exclusively through the Taiwan Giveaways APP include dining, tourism factories, souvenirs, relaxation, tours, and shuttle services.  Highlights include exclusive offers at Nonzero Restaurant (selected by The Daily Meal as one of the “101 Best Restaurants in Asia”) and VVG Something (selected by Flavorwire.com as one of the “World’s Top 20 Bookstores”), a half-day city bus tour, a 3-day, 2-night or 5-day, 4-night coach tour to such top attractions as Sun Moon Lake (selected by CNN Travel as one of the “World’s 10 Best Cycling Routes”),Taroko Gorge, Jiufen, Yeliu and the North Coast Scenic Area. This basket of goodies overflows with great fun and value to satisfy North American travelers’ desire for great shopping, fine food, and fascinating cultural discovery in one package.

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The Taiwan Tourism Bureau reminds North American travelers visiting Taiwan during the special offer period to visit Google Play or the Apple APP Store (iOS version available in January 2014) to download the Taiwan Giveaways APP to your mobile device.  Please be sure to retain the boarding pass from your inbound flight and read the terms and conditions thoroughly prior to your visit.


Taiwan Giveaways

Terms and Conditions

1.       Taiwan Giveaways special offer program APP is available for download before 15 March 2014.

2.       Taiwan Giveaways offers can be redeemed from 1 Jan. to 30 June 2014.

3.       Taiwan Giveaways offers must be redeemed with proprietors in person using a valid U.S. or Canadian passport to enter Taiwan, a boarding pass for an inbound flight from the U.S. or Canada to Taiwan between 25 Nov. 2013 and 30 June 2014, and an APP offer screen.

4.       Each customer is limited to one redemption per shop, to be stamped on the boarding pass by the redeeming proprietor.

5.       Taiwan Giveaways offers are not redeemable for cash and cannot be redeemed in combination with other offers.