Taiwan Highlights

In addition to a warm climate, and its beautiful natural scenery, local culture and rich connotations, along with its local specialties and foods that attract a worldwide audience, Taiwan is truly a window on the world. Here, we proudly offer our readers recommended places in Taiwan that are truly worth a visit.

Aside from the warm climate, Taiwan’s beautiful, natural scenery, local culture, and welcoming people make it irresistible to visit during any time of the year. The local specialties and snacks are a quintessential factor to many tourists. Many first time visitors think of the Sun Moon Lake, Alishan, the Taipei 101, and the National Palace Museum, yet there is so much more for tourists to see.

When in Taiwan, be sure to try the local foods. Taiwan offers celebrity chefs, traditional cuisine, and Taiwanese snacks, dazzling its international visitors. Night markets in Taiwan are the pinnacle of Taiwanese culture. Almost all major cities and even villages in Taiwan have a night market. Here are Taipei’s most well known sites:

Shihlin Night Market: Shihlin Night Market is the epitome of the Taipei night market scene, the largest night market in all of Taiwan. A variety of dazzling snacks are both plentiful and cheap. Famous snacks include: crepes filled with shaved peanut brittle, taro and vanilla ice cream, fresh cilantro, hand-sliced noodles, shaved ice, oyster omelets, stinky tofu, fried quail’s eggs, fried sweet potato puffs, and so on.

River Street Night Market: River Street Night Market near Taipei’s Songshan train station is approximately 600 meters (~656 yards) in length, and is another popular night market in Taipei with more traditional snacks and crafts which are a major feature. It brings together Taiwan snacks, from stinky tofu, meatballs, oyster noodles, green onion pancakes, and beef noodles to the newer imports of Turkish ice cream, medicine bowl of soup, and kimchi hotpot.

Many people think that South Korea and Hong Kong are Asia’s major shopping destinations. However, Taiwan has a lot of internationally famous brand stores and duty-free shops. For the tourists who love to shop check out Chung Hsiao East Road, SoGo, and the Lutheran.

Department Stores: The generally well-known department stores in Taipei are Big Takashimaya, SoGo, Shin Kong, Mitsukoshi, and the Tienmu district. Chung Hau, Chung Hsiao East Road, SoGo, Breeze, the Xinyi district, and New York, New York are ideal for tourists. The shopping malls in Taipei tend to have major bargains during holiday seasons as well as huge promotional activities.

The Night Market: Not only well-known overseas for the best snacks, also allows you to fully enjoying shopping on the cheap. Here, both young and old alike prefer the NIKE, Levi’s and other popular fashion brand stores. There are roadside stalls, NT$100 (~US$3) t-shirts, and small accessories starting at about NT$20 (less than US$1).

When planning your first, or next trip to Asia, be sure to make Taiwan your #1 stop. For more information, check out http://www.formosa-travel.net.