Taiwan, Times Square and you

Taiwan, Times Square and you


New Year’s Eve events in New York’s Times Square annually attract global attention.  In 2013, Taiwan Tourism Bureau once again broadcast their advertising images in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, hoping to bring together everyone gathered in Times Square, letting the world see the “Beauty of Taiwan”, encouraging more tourists to visit Taiwan .

The Times Square video walls showcase Taiwan’s tourism image advertising “Taiwan tourism calendar” as the theme, in combination with an animated show.  This advertising has been running more than 42 days in a row, and began right around Thanksgiving.


Taiwan Tourism New York Director Thomas Chang acknowledged that Times Square is a “world capital”, and one of New York City’s most important tourist attractions, with more than one million visitors per day.  Taiwan Tourism’s video is located on both sides of the wall adjacent to the Times Square New Year’s Eve crystal ball, providing immense exposure in an excellent location, during Times Square New Year’s Eve countdown activities.  In addition to on-site public viewing, millions more will have viewing access of the advertising outside of Taiwan, spreading its tourism message through the world’s major media as it is broadcast live to the world on New Year’s Eve.  The impact of this additional publicity is astonishing.

The other good news is, in the final days of 2013, Taiwan Tourism proudly announced a record high again, with the global number of people visiting Taiwan exceeding the 8 million mark, reaching their target goal.


Taiwan’s Tourism bureau adopts a strategy that reaches all over the world, offering appropriate themed travel packages for different  tourist markets, and using diverse promotions and flexible creative marketing  to promote Taiwan’s tourism and attract the international  tourist to Taiwan. In 2013, Taiwan saw a significant increase in tourists coming from Hong Kong and Macau, South Korea, and many southeast Asian countries.  The number of visitors from Hong Kong and Macau, Singapore, and Malaysian increased by nearly 15%, South Korea by nearly 30% with the overall visitor number increasing by 9%.


Taiwan Tourism does not only pursue to increase visitor numbers, they also strive to improve the quality of Taiwan’s tourism. In addition to continuing to promote Taiwan internationally and creating more diverse tourism products, they are also actively training tourism  personnel to upgrade service standards, implement safety checks in the tourism industry, strengthen the computer protection mechanism, and step up the training of elite industry personnel.

In 2012, Taiwan ‘s earnings from tourism reached $11.7 billion.  This is especially meaningful for boosting Taiwan’s economy and developing related industry.