Taiwan Tourism Bureau Holds Workshop on Cruise Ship To Boost Taiwan’s Visibility and Promote 2018 Marine Tourism Year

Taiwan Tourism Bureau Holds Workshop on Cruise Ship

To Boost Taiwan’s Visibility and Promote 2018 Marine Tourism Year


Taiwan’s tourism industry performed brilliantly last year, with visitor arrivals topping 10 million. The United States accounted for 520,000 of those arrivals; that was an increase of 9.27% over 2015, and the growth continued in the first half of this year with American arrivals soaring 10.43%. Thanks to long-term efforts by Taiwan’s government and tourism sector, this vigorous expansion is expected to continue. To continue to attract American tourists, support American travel agents, and help build a cooperative bridge linking Taiwan with other tourist destinations in Asia, Deputy Director Wayne Liu of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau led a 41-person delegation to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York for promotional activities that completed on Aug. 22 at the Millennium Hotel in New York City.    There were over 100 attendees, including travel agencies and media



The Taiwan Tourism Bureau is carrying out its international promotions under its “Tourism 2020 – A Sustainable Development Strategy for Taiwan Tourism” program, using theme tourism to develop new tourist sources through such initiatives as “2017 Ecotourism Year” and “2018 Marine Tourism Year.” The delegation is holding its promotional events in Los Angeles and San Francisco on cruise ships for the first time to create an image of Taiwan as having the most beautiful bays in the world and to proclaim Taiwan’s status as the second-largest cruise market in Asia.


The Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s three U.S. branches have prepared briefings on Taiwan’s tourist attractions to strengthen the promotional effect of the meetings by conveying information to local travel professionals on the island’s rich tourism resources and preferential measures.



With such bright prospects in the North American market, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau constantly mounts promotional activities there. Tourism professionals were enthusiastic about registering for the present mission, which is made up of representatives from 15 travel agencies, hotels, tourism associations, and other organizations. The delegates gave the latest travel news from Taiwan to event attendees, and told them about the newest differentiated Taiwan tourism products for different consumer segments. This creates cooperative opportunities for the delegates and attendees alike, and boosts the confidence of business partners in selling Taiwan travel products.


During the promotional delegation’s tour, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s three U.S. branches invited media representatives to attend the activities to experience Taiwanese culture. The mission’s activities gave more American tourism professionals a deeper understanding of Taiwan, implanting the spirit of the “Taiwan – The Heart of Asia” brand more deeply in their minds. The close cooperation between the media representatives and tourism professionals created new heights, in both quality and quantity, of tourists visiting Taiwan.


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