Taiwan Tourism Love Time Square

     In co-ordination with the “Travel to Taiwan, Now is The Time ” promotional program, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s New York Office held a press conference on November 20th regarding the launching of Taiwan promotional advertising in Times Square, announcing that Taiwan tour promotional advertising produced by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau will be shown on large video walls in New York’s Times Square. It is hoped that the popularity of Times Square will not only allow the world to view the “Beauty of Taiwan “, but also encourage more people to visit Taiwan.


     The advertising images of Taiwan Tourism started broadcasting on the Times Square video walls in mid-November and continue thru New Year’s Eve 2013. During this time, tourists from around the world can appreciate the beauty of Taiwan while standing inTimes Square. Ads are broadcasting on the Reuters Building (Thomson Reuters Sign) and the NASDAQ Tower in Times Square. The carefully planned and designed Taiwan movie, “Anytime for Taiwan”, will be presented in a brand new animated style. The short movie features Taiwan’s tourism calendar, promoting Taiwan’s world-class festivals, including the Lantern Festival, Spa Carnival, and bike festival. Other elements include Taiwan’s cuisine, customs and religion, science and technology, Taipei 101, popular attractions, and International Airlines.

     The Director of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York, Guoshu Fan (范國樞),believes that playing Taiwan’s image advertising in Times Square will improve the country’s image and encourage foreign tourists to come to Taiwan to experience its culture and see the sights.  Seeing Taiwan’s beautiful mountains and waters presented on the world stage; he believes that tourists from around the world will be impressed by “Taiwan”.


     The director of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau in New York, Weiting Chang (張維庭) notes that Times Square is a famous tourist attraction in New York City with more than a million people a day visiting it. Playing the advertisement during the time of Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year’s Eve countdown when Times Square draws the maximum tourist capacity will enhance the potential to create an international tourist image. The two video walls are located on the left and right sides of the famous crystal ball drop in Times Square during New Year’s Eve, providing unparalleled exposure positions. During the New Year’s Eve countdown in Times Square, Taiwan’s tourism advertising not only will be witnessed by hundreds of thousands of an on-site public audience, but also it will be broadcast live all over the world through major media. This brings even more extraordinary additional publicity.

The Immigration Department of Interior Ministry provides Mainland tourists who live overseas with more options to apply to go to Taiwan for tourism. Mainland tourists who meet the eligibility criteria and intend to go to Taiwan for tourism can go online at: https / / csts.immigration.gov.tw / HKMO to apply for single or multiple entry and exit permits. Applications for single entry and exit permits cost $21 (US), and applications for multiple entry and exit permits cost $34 (US).  Secretary of the Immigration Department, Yimin Su (蘇昱嘉), says that Mainland citizens who hold a green card, work visa or student visa are all eligible to apply; they can simply apply online for Taiwan sightseeing, make an appointment, and then go to the Economic and Cultural Office to submit documents and payments. Permits take about 2 – 3 days to be issued. Those who hold single or multiple entry and exit permits can stay in Taiwan for 15 days starting from the next day of entry; mainland tourists who hold multiple entry and exit permits to visit Taiwan may repeatedly travel to Taiwan within one year at the valid period of permit issuing.


     Taiwan has rich natural landscapes, cuisines, culture and human experiences. Taiwan is a great tourist attraction. Throughout the year, there are a variety of cultural festivals. Now is the best time to travel to Taiwan.  In 2013, Taiwan Tourism Bureau launched the “Taiwan Tourism Calendar”, which featured 42 international activities which are the most representative of Taiwan, so that international visitors can enjoy the whole year long. The annual Taiwan Lantern Festival will commence on February 14th thru February 23rd. Let’s hope that everyone comes to join as ambassadors of Taiwan’s tourism, promoting Taiwan tourism together. The tourism-related information and incentives can be inquired at major travel agencies in New York, or at the Taiwan Tourism Bureau website at www.taiwan.net.tw, or at Facebook.com/TaiwanTourism.886495_638195452898942_315596623_o