Taiwan Tourism Spotlights Malan Breton at NY Men’s Fashion Week

Taiwan Tourism Spotlights Malan Breton

at NY Men’s Fashion Week

Written and Photography by: Jason T. Jaskot
Starting downtown at Skylight studios and spreading throughout the city, New York Fashion Week: Men’s rolled through NYC, and let’s hope that when all is said and done it’s a rousing success and the market can support it. It proved a spotlight for designers new and old, and allowed designers like Malan Breton, who usually splits his regular Fashion Week shows between men’s and women’s looks, a chance to put the spotlight totally on the guys.
MalanDSC_8801 copy
Malan Breton has been relentless as of late, starting with a massive Fashion Week show last season sponsored by the Taiwanese Tourism board, launching a stunning bridal collection, and releasing a documentary film on his trip to Taiwan, and how it influenced his collection. So instead of a more traditional venue, using TECO (The Taiwanese Economic And Cultural Office) made a certain kind of sense. The hour long presentation had the models standing staggered on the steps in the grand foyer of the office, changing rotation every few minutes.
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The main focus was on his suiting, which featured his usual rich satins and Asian influenced prints; a simple dark blue suit stood out because it was the only piece without a hard pattern. While the formal wear was the focus, he also worked in his new skateboards and underwear line(and somehow, the few models in underwear and open shirts fit in perfectly with the rest of the guys in suits). The underwear notwithstanding, Malan’s suiting is absolutely impeccable from tie to cufflink, and a tasteful addition to this first-in-a-long time Men’s Fashion Week.
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