Taiwan Tourism Tourist Fair Led by Director Xie Wei-chun

Taiwan Tourism Tourist Fair

Led by Director Xie Wei-chun

By Joe Meny



Taiwan Tourism Bureau and Taiwan tourism industry representatives recently visited New York City and met with local tour operators to discuss the latest travel packages to Taiwan. In 2014, 9.9 million people visited Taiwan.  The goal is to hit 10 million in 2015!

Tourism Bureau Director Xie Wei-chun personally led the Taiwanese delegation of 21 people to North America for the tourist fair, stopping in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City.  The goal was to attract more North American visitors to Taiwan and experience Taiwan’s unique tourist appeal and culture by introducing Taiwan’s tourism features and the latest travel information.


During the event, Taiwan Tourism’s promotional activities included specially invited renowned performing groups, who performed a lion dance which combined both traditional and modern dance in an effort to transfer the enthusiasm of Taiwan to North America.   It was a successful endeavor that connected the VIPs with the rhythm of Taiwan’s traditional and modern performances.


Taiwan Tourism Bureau Director Xie Wei-chun said that Taiwan is a fusion of traditional and modern culture, rich with food, natural beauty and people moving from place to place.   Abundant with many kinds of food, a rich ecology, and convenient modes of transportation all combined to help make 2014 one of the best year’s ever for tourism. The number of tourists to Taiwan reached 9.91 million people, of whom more than 450,000 were from the United States, up 10.78% over the previous year.  Clearly, the US is a very important and good business market.  In order to continue expanding and cultivating the US market, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau branding marketing will continue.  Together with increased media exposure and travel agency promotional packages, Taiwan Tourism confidently expects to attract more North American visitors to Taiwan and experience Taiwan’s unique tourist appeal.  This includes cooperation with mainstream media giant iHeart Media, radio, internet and a celebrity tour.

Looking to the future, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau in New York has launched an innovative integrated marketing strategy in order to broaden its reach.   This effort includes partnering with fashion guru Malan Breton to feature him in the documentary “A Journey to Taiwan”, which is expected to have its premiere on April 30 at the New York International Film Festival.

In September of this year, Taiwan Tourism will promote Taiwan’s bicycle tour during several activities planned to happen on the Brooklyn Bridge.   They will also once again partner with the Smithsonian Museum’s third annual “Museum Day” event in New York City.

Taiwan Tourism will utilize one of the most powerful marketing venues in New York City: promoting travel to Taiwan on NYC buses and subways cars.  Maximum exposure is assured as warmer weather will see record levels of New Yorkers and tourists using the public transportation system to get about town.

Please visit the Taiwan Tourism Bureau website http: //taiwan.net.tw

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