Taiwanese Food Truck – New York’s First

By Joe Meny

She’s 5 feet tall, confesses to rarely cooking her own meals, and yet is one of New York City’s most successful foodtruck pioneers. Her name is Doris, the owner/entrepeneur (genius) behind the Taiwanese Food trucks now found in several key Manhattan locations. Starting with only 2 carts, Doris took what used to be a menu of Chinese food and dumplings and turned it into a business that now serves up Taiwanese pot stickers to hungry New Yorkers lined up at each of her 4 foodtruck locations.

Serving a genuinely authentic Taiwanese recipe, Doris is passionate about her food business, and happy to offer a bit of Taiwan to New York. Fulfilling her mission to sell “5-star food at street prices” makes both Doris, and her customers, very happy. Along with her pot-stickers, you’re sure to fall in love with her Chinese Lo Mein – you’ve never tasted Chinese spaghetti that’s this good! When asked how many dumplings she sells in a day, Doris shared this with us: “At the recent Passport to Taiwan festival in Union Square several Sundays ago, I served over 2,000 dumplings and was sold out by 4 pm.” That’s a heck of a lot of dumplings! Always conscious of freshness and quality, Doris ensures that all her trucks serve only the freshest (and tastiest!) dumplings each and every day.

Her day begins at 4 am. The first truck is out and heading to its designated location by 6 am., and by 10 am. another day of serving delicious dumplings is under way. The after-school rush is just a warm-up for the final, and biggest, hours of selling: her after-work and pre-dinner customers. Doris is very proud of her food and her employees that serve it. She is very community-minded, and makes a point to make friends with the local police precincts near her trucks. Think you might want to do what Doris does? Here’s her advice: “You have to believe, and have faith the food you serve is good.” You don’t have to take our word for it…stop by any one of Doris’ locations in Manhattan and see for yourself that this truly is New York’s best Taiwanese food truck!

Conveniently located at: 72nd St. & Broadway, 59th St. & 9th Ave., Astor Place Plaza, and Liberty St. & Broadway.