“teamLab: Dance! Art Exhibition, Learn & Play! Future Park”

“teamLab: Dance! Art Exhibition, Learn & Play! Future Park”

teamLab’s 2030sqm gigantic exhibition to open in Taipei from December 29 to April 9, 2017


teamLab is opening a 2030sqm gigantic exhibition in Taipei! ‘teamLab: Dance! Art Exhibition, Learn & Play! Future Park’ is a digital art museum where you can enjoy teamLab’s artworks and digital installations all at once. The event will open from December 29 to April 9, 2017.

At “teamLab: Dance! Art Exhibition, Learn & Play! Future Park”, you will have a chance to see our 8 beautiful artworks as well as 9 digital installations that are themed as ‘co-creation’ and ‘intellectual training’. Stunning regardless the age groups you are in, the exhibition is going to re-form the concept of ‘digital’ and ‘art’. Don’t miss it!

more information: http://taipei.team-lab.net/


▼About  “teamLab: Dance! Art Exhibition, Learn & Play! Future Park”

“teamLab: Dance! Art Exhibition, Learn & Play! Future Park” is a large-scale exhibition that is designed to stimulate people’s creativity and collaborative minds with a form of Future Park. Combining art exhibitions and futuristic amusement park, this exhibition attracted more than 460,000 visitors when firstly opened in Odaiba, Tokyo, in 2015. It was awarded ‘TOP 10 art exhibitions of 2015‘ from the world’s biggest creative media ‘designboom’.


‘The Living Digital Space and Future Parks’, the 2nd exhibition that is currently being held in Silicon Valley, reportedly destroyed the long-lasting anti-art tradition of the west coast. Marina Bay Sands, the world’s biggest hotel complex located in Singapore, is home to a permanent exhibition since March 2016. The news is covered by numerous local media, including 2 top national newspapers  in Singapore. teamLab’s exhibition has been opened also in Thailand  from May. From August, teamLab opened their second permanent exhibition at Lotte World (Seoul, South Korea).

▼Collaborative Creation: “Co-Creation”


Collaborative Creation: “Co-Creation” is an experimental educational project.

Rapid technological development will continue to accelerate into the future and many jobs will be taken over by machines. In thirty years today’s children will have jobs that we cannot imagine. In a future society, traits that only humans can possess—such as the ability to think and act creatively—will become increasingly more important.


Humans are essentially collaborative and creative. However, our current education system teaches us that there is only one correct answer—all other answers are incorrect. Free thinking is discouraged, we are told it is wrong, and are corrected. As a result, we become afraid of making mistakes, and we lose our natural creativity.

In practice there is never just one correct answer. A correct answer from ten years ago may have become incorrect today. If we produce an answer that makes other people happy, then that becomes a new correct answer.  It is creativity that overcomes the problem of only one right and one wrong answer.


Today tests are taken by individuals and evaluated by individuals. Without knowing it individualism is hammered into us. Furthermore, many people today are addicted to smartphones. Their brains may be connected to someone via the smartphone, but their body remains thoroughly isolated and as a result opportunities for nurturing collaboration are decreasing.

Humans learn about the world through interaction with others and by sharing experiences. People think with their bodies as they move through the world, and much of human society has developed through creative achievements born from collaboration and collective play. This is why collaborative creativity, or the experience of co-creation, is now very important.


teamLab focuses on encouraging changes in the relationships between people in the same space. In order to make the presence of others a positive experience, teamLab hopes that individual creative activities can be transformed into co-creative actions.

By focusing on the concept “Changing the Relationships Among People: Making the Presence of Other People a Positive Experience” teamLab hopes to change individual creative acts into positive creative experiences with other people, and to create ‘co-creative’ activity in our everyday lives. This project was born from such a wish.

Other Exhibition: http://island.team-lab.com/en/



teamLab: Dance! Art Exhibition, Learn & Play! Future Park
Date: Dec 29, 2016 – Apr 09, 2017
Location:  Huashan1914・Creative Park(No. 1, Section 1, Bade Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100)
Opening Hours: 10:00-18:00