Technology You Can Smile about

By Baxley Aldworth

The competition is becoming tougher and tougher. Smiles are becoming ever brighter and shinier. In recent years, the number of teeth whitening procedures has increased an incredible 300%! With so many people whitening their teeth today, it’s easy to get left behind.

A teeth whitening procedure is not the only way to have a radiant mouth, however. Having a good dentist will do just fine. Dr. Richard Yang has been practicing in Flushing for 13 years at Empress Dental Service, and has recently opened up a second office in the Manhattan Chinatown.

Inside these offices resides cutting edge dental technology. Ever heard of StemSave? Stem cells are remarkable in that they can grow into virtually any kind of human cell, including nerve, heart, or brain cells. Conventional thinking said stem cells didn’t exist in adult bodies, but researchers recently found that stem cells exist in adult’s teeth. StemSave allows adults to save these stem cells for later use.

Then there’s the Waterlase. If you don’t like the wine of a drill and the smell of drilled enamel, this is something to check out. The Waterlase uses laser-energized water to gently wash away tooth decay. Waterlase MD laser has been use in dentistry for many years. Rensently,break through technology in order to provide service in cavity treatment, Gum surgery and Root canal therapy. The waterlase, beside having a cool name, is also making the dentist’s chair a less scary place. The waterlase is a replacement for the old circular drilling system.

Not just a leader in dentistry, Dr. Yang can also help patients straighten up their grin with Invisalign. As the name suggests, Invisalign is similar to invisible braces. Perhaps your teeth are straight, but you’re missing a few? No problem, Dr. Yang also offers Noble biocare, which are the gold standard for dental implants. Fortunately for patients, most of these procedures are done in office.

When Dr. Yang isn’t in his office, he can be found volunteering at hospitals in Hanoi, Vietnam. He and seven other doctors make the trip, with expenses paid out of their own pockets. While in Hanoi, they assist in helping the less fortunate, and also exchange technology with local doctors.

So when it’s time to make your trip to the dentist (two checkups a year are recommended), don’t fear the drill or the grinding electric toothbrushes. Instead, get treated like royalty at Dr. Yang’s Empress Dental Service!