Thai Artists Alliance

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Thai Artists Alliance brings you back to the future with the summer’s hottest Thai arts showcase, Siamese Connection: 3012. This year, Thai Artists Alliance envisions the future one thousand years from now with the optimism and ingenuity that their civilization is known for. It’s a challenge to invent the uninvented and discover the unknown. Imagination is the artists’ primary tool, and the limit of their creativity is the only obstacle. Immerse yourselves in the ideas explored by these Thai artists as they look forward to what the year 3012 may hold.

Pairoj Pichetmetakul (Fine Art)

This painting was inspired by the masks used in Chinese opera. Masks, such as these, have the power to immortalize cultural heritage and traditions. The people wearing the mask may change, and the materials used to create the mask may also change, but the mask will always be true to what it represents. By the year 3012 we shall see much transformation, however the historical stories and traditions of our culture will remain preserved.

Pichan Kietsrichart (Photography)

Title: Residue

Traditions are the handing down of customs, information and cultural beliefs through generations by words and practices. Often, they evolve with time and place, yet becoming lost in time and changing with time—what it is now is different from what it was before.

I am a Thai artist living in New York with Taiwanese parents. I grew up with both Chinese and Thai traditions throughout my life. Chinese tradition was practiced at home and Thai tradition was learned at school. Am I qualified to pass this knowledge to the next generation? That’s the question I often asked myself. Many traditions and cultures are dying from a lack of interest as a result of our ever-changing, globalized world. Will these traditions and art forms remain in the future?

Prangchat Sathianthammawit(Fine Art)

My artwork is inspired by the ideas of Dr. Edward de Bono’s “Six Thinking Hats” which represents six modes of thinking. It is a model for focusing on one subject and seeing it from all sides – using six basic types of thought: optimism, intuitive emotions, facts, creativities, overview aspects, and negative criticalness. From this idea, I have translated it to the theme of 3012 about how one person would think beyond and step forward into the future, the world that could be more innovative and diverse than we experience now.

Showtika Somjid (Fine Art)

Title: Eat, Poop, _u*k, sleep

In 3012, people all wear bangs, tight latex suits, commute through space transportation, live in capsule buildings and mingle with aliens, robots and virtual pets as part of their daily routine. We as human creatures in 2012, will share the same basic imagination as we are all influenced by science fiction movies.

I am no different from other ordinary people. I imagine that in the future, humans will remain the same. I believe this because when I look back at human history–a thousand years, ten thousand years, a million years ago–humans seem to have stayed the same. They live doing four basic acts which are to eat, poop, fuck, and sleep. They do it everyday and night until they die and are reborn and the same thing is repeated. In 3012 and beyond, humans will still eat, poop, fuck, and sleep as long as there are still living on earth.

Sirikul Pattachote (Fine Art)

Title: Symbiosis

I’m envisioning a world, in the next millennium, where the relationship between nature and mankind has evolved into a completely harmonious and symbiotic coexistence. Humanity has found unity with nature. We feed the soil and it feeds us. We become part of the natural ecosystem. There is no desire, no hunger. We no longer have to fight or kill to survive.