Thai Spa

The word ‘spa’ derives from the town of Spa in Belguim whose therapeutic waters had been famous since Roman times. In the middle of the 18th century there was an interest in the healing properties of water, especially of sea water. In 1754, one Dr. Richard Russel tested the sea water at a tiny village called Brightthelmstone in England because he was so impressed with its benefits. Brightly thelmstone quickly became a fashionable health spa and was renamed Brighton. Patronized by royalty, it became the first seaside health resort. Spas soon sprang up all over Europe and America. Competition between spas became firece and some outrageous claims were made about therapeutic powers of each and every mineral water.

Today a Thai Spa is a place normally with accommodations that host many different mind and body treatments, often drey are surrounded by a traditional Thai interior and furnishingo . A place to relax and be pampered by the many different methods and treatments available for your health.

On Samui there are a lot of good spas and more are being developed for the future on all three Islands Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. Koh Samui is building its reputation of being one of the best destinations in South East Asia, if not the world, for its Spas.
Coconut palm trees, fresh air and beautiful beaches make it a unique and relaxing location for a spa.

Some typical features you would fi nd at any Spa are highlighted below:

• Traditional Thai massage and energy treatment.
• Traditional oil massage and warm stone massage.
• Other massages like Swedish and Shiatsu (Japanese)
• Foot massage and reflexology.
• Head and facial massage.
•Body scrubs, body wraps and facial masks.
• Skin care, face care and nail care.
• Jacuzzi, herbal bath and spring baths.
• Steam room, herbal sauna or dry sauna. (Finland style)
• Food and juices made from herbs, fruits and vegetables.
• Green tea and natural spring water for health.
• Aloe Vera, coconut oil, ginger and papaya treatment.
• Meditation and relaxing techniques.
• Yoga, Reiki, breathing techniques, Chi Kung and Tai Chi.
• Relaxing to traditional soft Thai and Asian music.

Most Spas on Samui, Phangan and Koh Tao are designed with Thai and Asian traditional interior. A relaxing atmosphere can be felt the moment you enter a Spa. The decor of most Spas are breathtaking and involves many of the natural materials like stones, tree and fabrics, with very earthy colours or walls covered by natural wood, bamboo or stone bricks. Some Spas have waterfalls and most have beautiful gardens inside and out that make the environment a part of the relaxation experience.With the sounds of water or typical Asian music in the background you can feel yourself begin to relax immeditely upon arrival.

Located in Thailand, In Thai Spa is dedicated to providing authentic traditional Thai style yoga massage in a clean and comfortable environment. Thai massage is a combination of accupressure massage techniques and yoga style body stretching. Receiving a Thai massage from one of our highly trained staff will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvinated. The benifits of Thai massage are:
relief from stress; deep and full relaxation; increased flexibility; improved mental focus; relief for sore and aching muscles and joints; and healing energy flow.