The A-Style” Star Round-up Hits the Web

“The A-Style” adds a brand new flavor to reality TV with its Asian-American Cast. These days, there are reality shows about anything imaginable. Yet networks and cable TV do not have any reality shows featuring any major Asian-Americans. Even in Hollywood and the music billboards, this ethnic group has been ignored for far too long. With that in mind, The A-Style knows that they need to prove themselves to the mainstream by making this a web series and getting noticed before they even think about pitching it to networks.

The cast of this show breaks the pre-conceived notion that Asians are only nerdy number crunchers, little store owners with broken English, the delivery boy or martial artists. The A-Style shows that there is a pool of talent that is waiting to be discovered and given a chance. Asian-American women are not quiet, fragile and subservient like most people think, and the women of this cast will show how strong their personalities really are. Many people have emasculated the men of this ethnicity and don’t take them seriously, but the men of this cast will show that they are anything but the stereotypical nerdy wimp.

The A-Style cast is made up of the following:

Satoko Mori (aka TokeBabe).
TokeBabe is a newly signed recording artist and gifted Hip-Hop dancer with a very impressive resume. She was born in Japan and has been a backup dancer for Lil Kim, Ciara, Chris Brown, and is scheduled to tour with Madonna later this year. Watch out for TokeBabe in 2012!

Danielle Yu
Danielle was born in China and came to America with her parents when she was 8 and has been here ever since. She has been modeling for the past three years and has even been featured in music videos. She is currently booked in an HSBC advertising campaign, Rinesc, and an English textbook for the Oxford University Press. She is also pursuing her dream of acting.

Tomoko Hirao
Tomoko is a Japanese model who’s dream is to be an actress. She continuously stays busy with auditions, and has been in music videos after finishing her acting course from the New York Film Academy. She came to America on her own to pursue her dreams and become a rising star.

Kuang-Ying Chen
Kuang is a model and body builder. He is Taiwanese but born in the USA. This accomplished model not only hits the runways and participates in shows, but is also working on getting his doctorate degree for physical therapy.

Robert Chang
Robert Chang is an American-born Chinese actor. While attending CUNY Queens College, he earned his degree studying Media, Film, and Theatre. Robert’s mother was an actress in mainland China before immigrating to America; therefore Robert is not only living out his dream, but hers as well. Robert is currently working on a high school television pilot titled “High Class Problem” as one of the leads as well as numerous films on the side.

Laze Tha Kid
Everyone knows that the main ethnicity of the Hip-Hop community are African American, Hispanics and the occasional Caucasian, but
now we can add Asian to the pool. Not only is Laze a talented artist but he is an up and coming Hip-hop producer as well. He was born in New York but is 100% Filipino. With a voice of a star and the skills comparable to some of the best Hip-hop producers, Laze is sure to make a name for himself in the music industry.

Julian Kwang
Julian who was born in South Korea, immigrated to the USA with his parents when he was five years old. He served our country as a combat medic and is a U.S. Navy veteran. He majored in criminal justice and is pursuing a career in law, all while being an entrepreneur and a national qualifier with the NPC as a physique competitor. This coming July, he just might become the first ever Asian IFBB Physique Pro card holder for Team Universe.

Sondra Anderson
As an up-and-coming entertainment manager, Sondra always has her eye out for great talent. She was born in South Korea, but at the age of 2-1/2 was adopted by an American family. Even though she was raised in the American culture, her interest in finding out more about her roots became stronger as she reached adulthood. She went from hating being different to embracing and loving being Asian. Now her plans are to discover the best Asian talent that America has to offer and share it with the world.