The Beauty of Vichy

The Beauty of Vichy



1. What does the name “Vichy” mean?

The name “Vichy” comes from the brand’s origin in the thermal springs of Vichy, France. The first Vichy treatment center, created in the 1600s, sparked the legacy of the water’s powerful therapeutic properties. For centuries after, many historic figures flocked to Vichy to experience the healing benefits of the thermal spring water: Madame de Sévigné, the favorite of King Louis XIII, Princesses Adelaide & Victoire de Francem, daughters of King Louis XV, Napoleon III, and Coco Chanel were each “water girls” at Vichy before she even imagined being a fashion designer.

2. History of Vichy Laboratories – what is the story behind Vichy Lab? When did it start? Who started it?

Vichy was created in 1931 by a brilliant and visionary man, Dr. Haller, medical director of the thermal treatment center in Vichy, France. He believed that beauty could only be accomplished through good health and healthy skin. A pioneer in skincare, Dr. Haller was the first to apply medical rigor and dermatological principals to the daily care of healthy skin when he created Vichy Laboratories. He discovered the wonderful secret of Vichy Thermal Water, a unique and natural mineral water with therapeutic benefits for the skin. To this miracle of nature, he brought the most advanced science, making Vichy skincare products the most effective of their time – truly creating a revolution in skincare.

3. What gender and age group do you target?

The primary consumers for Vichy are women between the ages of 44-65+, with a secondary age group between 25-44.

4. What type of professions do you think Vichy is geared for?

We do not believe that the Vichy woman can be classified into one professional bracket. Vichy is geared towards the woman that loves her skin. This woman wants products that will be good to her skin, both gentle and effective, and truly change the health of her skin from the inside out.

5. What type of skin types?

Vichy caters to all skin types and ethnicities. At Vichy, our products are tested in over 200 clinical trials and on over 5,000 women each year to support our strong heritage of clinically tested expertise. Vichy products are safe for all sensitive skin types.

6. Can you tell me how “Vichy” stands out from all the other skin care brands?

All Vichy products are powered by the remarkably active antioxidant water from the Vichy spring, 100 percent pure and naturally rich in 15 minerals. Its regenerating, soothing and fortifying properties have been scientifically proven. This water is then combined with cutting-edge dermatological ingredients such as Vichy’s new generation of Retinol, LHA or time-released Vitamin C in highly effective formulations. Vichy’s pleasurable and sensorial textures are skin-friendly, allergy-tested, in vivo and in vitro tested, clinically tested, paraben-free and safe for sensitive skin to deliver clinically proven results for healthy, beautiful skin.

7. Which are the best-selling Vichy products and why?

The majority of our Vichy business falls within the anti-aging category. We pride ourselves on bringing innovative products with luxurious textures and efficacious results to market. Our top two anti-aging products are Liftactiv Retinol HA Night and Liftactiv Serum 10 with Rhamnose.

Retinol HA night, Good Housekeeping magazine’s 2010 Best Anti-Aging Night Cream, was inspired by the latest wrinkle filling injections from dermatologists. This advanced plumping treatment contains a triple dose of Hyaluronic Acid¹ for a more effective filling action, and a new generation of Retinol for an accelerated resurfacing effect. From the 1st morning after use there is a visible plumping effect. In 4 weeks, 21% reduction in total number of wrinkles, 28% reduction in wrinkle surface area, and 25% reduction in length of wrinkles².

Vichy’s newest anti-aging powerhouse, with 10 years of research and 7 international patents, is our Liftactiv Serum 10 with Rhamnose. Having also won the Good Housekeeping Seal in 2012, our breakthrough LiftActiv Serum 10 formula features a 10% concentration of Rhamnose, a naturally derived plant sugar proven to help boost skin rejuvenation. With just a single drop, wrinkles and pores are visibly reduced. Your skin is lifted while your complexion is smoothed and made more radiant. After one month of use, you will see a significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles: -21.7% on crow’s feet, -17.4% on forehead, -16.4% on nasolabial fold, -27.3% on under eye , and -14% on neck wrinkles³.

8. Can men use Vichy products? If Yes, do you have aspirations to target the men’s market?

Men can use Vichy products. Specifically we would recommend any of our anti-aging products or our Normaderm line for oily skin. Globally, the Vichy men’s line is a strong pillar for the brand. At this time, Vichy USA does not have immediate aspirations to target this market.

9. How are you intending to market the product in Asian community?

The first step we are taking to market to the Asian community is to partner with you- Asian Fusion Magazine! Vichy understands that this community is tightknit, skincare savvy, and relies on credible sources [such as your magazine] to seek information about relevant trends and beauty products. This marketing opportunity, in conjunction with our strong history of testing and development on Asian skincare, makes marketing to this community a natural progression for us.

One of our franchises in particular was specifically developed to compliment the needs of Asian skin. ProEVEN, our tone correcting and brightening franchise, consists of four star products: Daily Dark Spot Corrector, Daily Eye Corrector, and our Mineral BB Creams in Light and Medium shades. The Daily Dark Spot Corrector and Daily Eye Corrector both contain our patented Ceramide Bright™ technology, which has a dual function efficacy:

1. Treats and corrects the appearance of existing dark spots

2. Powerful regenerative and exfoliating properties, to act on multiple surface layers of the skin.

The Mineral BB Creams, infused with High Purity Mineral Pigments and Vitmains C + E, are the next generation of multi-tasking skincare. These BB Creams instantly even skin tone and hydrate for up to 24 hours. The whitening undertone to these formulas perfect skin by neutralizing redness and concealing discoloration typically associated with dark spots. Finally, the inclusion of SPF 20 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection helps prevent sun damage and future skin darkening.

10. Can you help our readers understand how to take care of their skin by the season, specifically the upcoming spring season.

Vichy’s approach to skincare is directly related to our heritage as the #1 pharmacy brand in the world. We pride ourselves on being able to provide personal consultations for each consumer to give them targeted solutions for their skincare needs. This approach to skincare makes each consumer’s “regimen” personalized for them, but as a framework we can recommend a few simple steps to the Asian Fusion reader to help them take care of their skin this Spring!

1. Cleanse

Cleansing should always be the first step to your skincare routine. It is important to use the proper cleanser to purify the skin and ‘prep the canvas’ for other products to act most effectively on your skin. All Vichy cleansers purify deep down while preserving skin’s natural oils and protective barrier.

2. Prevent

Prevention is the skincare step that can be easily overlooked, but it is truly the most important step for your skin. Vichy skincare has the power to do more than correct the damage that has been done, but we want to help prevent future skin damage from occurring. Apply sunscreen every morning after cleansing to help prevent sun damage, premature aging, dark spots, and dehydration. Our Capital Soleil SPF 50 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid is lightweight and provides multi-layer cellular protection from UV rays and free radical damage.

3. Correct

This is the step that is the most customizable for your skincare needs. Acne? Wrinkles? Dry skin? Uneven skin tone? Choose the treatment that best addresses your skincare concern. Vichy has products to target your every skincare need.

4. Perfect

Finish off your skincare routine with our ProEVEN Mineral BB Cream. This one-step product comes in two skin-perfecting shades and provides multi-action benefits for your skin: even skin tone, conceals dark spots and discolorations, hydrates for 24 hours, and gives an instant flawless, yet natural coverage to skin.